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She wore her greenest gown

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Purple is a grape, purple is a plum, purple is my favorite juice, shall I get you some?

“We are not “Epileptic,” but we are people with Epilepsy. Epilepsy isn’t something that should disable a person. There are ways to overcome the pain of dealing with Epilepsy, no matter how badly you suffer from it. It takes time … Continue reading

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At ease in my own shell

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يا زهرة المدائن

What is photography if the picture isn’t imprinted in the heart before being captured by the lens? Shadows, nothing more. More than you already know, photography has recently become a growing passion to me. Nothing seems to quench that thirst … Continue reading

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A wondrous walk to the core of Tripoli

Perhaps it’s not the best shoot as you walk journey I’ve been to, but so many thing got in the way that made it nevertheless unforgettable. It’s been such a long time since I last went on a journey to … Continue reading

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Teacher’s day like never before!

I’m overwhelmed with all what was done and thankful to all the efforts everyone had put to make the event a real success. It was more like a teacher’s week like my friend Hiba has put it. I don’t have … Continue reading

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Originally posted on No más:
من أجلك أنت.. أكتب بالعربيّة، أنت التي لطالما قرأتني دون الحاجة الى كلمات أصلاً أحبك.. لست أدري ان كانت تلك الكلمة التي نستعملها طوال الوقت قد فقدت بريقها بالنسبة اليك أو اذا ما كانت…

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Tombe la neige

You can’t possibly be a resident of Tripoli and not know Terbol mount. It’s not very high in altitude but what makes it special is its location facing the Mediterranean in the north. On its summit lies the residence of … Continue reading

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