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ابعتلي ايميل 📝

I was watching this movie the other day and there was a scene during which the main character was all busy sending an email to a friend. Why did people stop doing that? Of course we all recieve work emails … Continue reading

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كن صديقي…

هرعت اليك هربا من كل شيء ومن كل ما يحيط بي من دمار، لتلفحني نسمات تشرين الحزين. ابتسمت لك شاكرة استقبالك اللطيف. أخافني سكونك المفاجئ في الظهيرة وارتدت نظراتي من توهج الشمس على صفحتك لتتلقف الأصداف الصغيرة المغروسة المنسية في … Continue reading

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Drifting Drafts

When I started to write this post, I wanted to summarize 2013’s events as I’ve never done this before, then again I stopped. If it’s a good thing that had happened in 2013, I know I won’t forget about it … Continue reading

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This could be you. This could be me.

It is not the first event of this kind that WLT organizes. This has been going on for years now; it’s just that it’s the first time that I take part of it. It’s been almost two months and maybe … Continue reading

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