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Yesterday afternoon

I’ve recently recovered from a severe illness accompanied with a high fever that was able to physically shut me down for four consecutive days. Yesterday I felt I regained my energy, and I wanted to celebrate by going out on … Continue reading

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Life’s Little Instruction Book

A few years ago, back when msn messenger was still a hit, a friend sent me a PDF file entitled “Life’s Little Instruction Book” and although I’ve posted some to facebook, but I still find it worth publishing. It made … Continue reading

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طير إنت!

لئن اخترعت آلة تطوف بك في سماء الفيحاء لتنقّلاتك، لأنهيتها ووصلت لوجهتك قبل أن تصل بسيّارة أجرة اليوم! ناهيك عن أنّ  الحفريات قد تفشّت في أكثر الشوارع كسرطان أكل معظمها، أتت زيارة غبطته لمناسبة عيد مار مارون والتدابير الأمنية اللاّزمة … Continue reading

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Between us

I always thought I am there, somewhere between writing & photography, but I come to realize that they are both connected somehow. It’s been a while since I wrote anything, pretty much the same time since I last touched my … Continue reading

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