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المرأة كالحذاء

كان أحد الحكماء جالساً مع مجموعة من الرجال .. فطرح بعضهم موضوع الزواج والنساء فقال أحدهم : المرأة كالحذاء .. يستطيع الرجل أن يغير ويبدل حتى يجد المقاس المناسب له . فنظر الحاضرون إلى ذلك الحكيم .. وسألوه : ما … Continue reading

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2nd Anniversary, and the best is yet to come…

Two years, 25 journeys, more than 300 photographers (professional & amateur) and one beloved city. I still find it hard to believe that two years have already passed for the shoot as you walk group’s events! It really seems like yesterday, … Continue reading

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على شرفة ذلك المنزل…

على شرفة ذلك المنزل عشت أجمل لحظات طفولتي. ذلك المنزل القائم في وسط شارع عزمي الذي لم يعد منزلا” الآن، المميز بشرفته الفارهة التي حضنت مقيميه و نزلائه وشهدت لحظات مميزة لا تزال حيّة تنبض بقلوبنا نحن الأحفاد… نعم انه منزل … Continue reading

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الحب يطوقني من كل مكان

فعلا” انه الحب بأجمل أشكاله، الحب المجرّد من الأنانية الذي يغمرني وأنا جد سعيدة بهذا الشعور. كلنا نعلم من أحبابنا ولكننا لا نعرف دائما” مقدار حبّهم لنا لذا أعتبر نفسي محظوظة لأني اختبرت دفء هذا الحب. شكرا” لكم أخوتي و … Continue reading

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Tripoli Carfree Day: The event…

I have more photos than words to share this time. The event was a real success and what I liked the most about, is that it was a family day by excellence. I saw a lot of mothers & fathers and their … Continue reading

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Tripoli Car Free Day: A day to look forward to!

You can’t possibly be living in Tripoli and not know about ” Tripoli Car Free Day”. It’s been almost a month and maybe even a bit more that everyone is talking about it and I think it’s healthy that people … Continue reading

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The owl of happy death

The sun shivers with every limb when we say goodbye The full moon whines panicking from a night eclipse Side by side, my pain walks with joy Goodbye is death, but it’s freedom too and freedom is life Happy death has … Continue reading

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To Lady D

Dear Diala, I hope that by the time you read this post you’ve reached Essex safe and sound. I’m so sorry I had to miss all the action related to your most important day, it saddens me that I couldn’t … Continue reading

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Stop the pigeon!

It was a lazy November Friday today. I haven’t done much. I just wanted to have some rest and relaxation as it is the first day of the Adha holiday. Though it has rained many times before but it really … Continue reading

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