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Brazil 2014: Here we come!

Our Lebanese national football team lost to the United Arab Emirates in a 2014 FIFA World Cup qualifying match played in Abu Dhabi. Despite the loss, Lebanon may still qualify to play in the 2014 World Cup thanks to the … Continue reading

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Homage to our Lebanese National Team

I’m not a fanatic football fan, and I don’t watch matches regularly but this time it’s different. The fact that our Lebanese football team has made it this far (the final stage of world cup qualifiers- Brazil 2014) is something … Continue reading

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Abou Arteen

If you had lived in Azmi street in the late seventies – early eighties, you can’t possibly not know Abou Arteen. He was one of the most respectful figures in the neighborhood who knew everyone living there with their relatives … Continue reading

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The lost village “De3a Day3a”

For those of you who have watched the series you understand the timing of this post, for those who don’t have a clue I say it’s not a revue because I’m not entitled to do so and it’s been released … Continue reading

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Originally posted on الخط العربي من أفرت باربي:
Take my horse and slaughter it This piece of Arabic Calligraphy depicts a horse using the text of Mahmoud Darwish’s poem Take My Horse and Slaughter It. The poem is written exactly once, beginning in…

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راقبوا النبضة الغريبة عن اخواتها من النبضات في عائلة القلب. ثمة نبضة خارج المألوف، نبضة لها صوت يختلف عن السلم الموسيقي. لا هي قرع طبل ولا عزف كمان. نبضة كجملة خارج السياق، ترن وتطن وتدوي وحدها. يسمون تلك النبضة” المجنونة … Continue reading

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