My hate list

1- Pets, especially “Cats”.

2-Labneh, yoghurt.

3-The color orange(except when the Dutch team is playing)

4- Lip gloss that looks like samneh.

5-When pity is disguised as sympathy.

6- Tomatoes and tomato sauce.

7- Eggplants, beans.

8- People who disrespect the elderly and think it’s funny to do so.

9- Perky, shallow girls who also think they’re the next Haifaa Wehbeh.

10- People who pretend to be something they’re not just to please others.

11- People who don’t keep their promises.

12- Double and elastic standards.

13-Men who frequently use “babe”, “honey”, “dear” ,”‘sweety” in their daily speeches.

14-Sandals or any shoes that show the toes.

15- Overgeneralizaton & melodrama.


17- Fruit flavored sweets & icecream.

18-Vampire TV shows & movies (except for the twilight saga).

19- People who waste food.

20- People with no principles.

21-Taxi drivers.

22- Nagging & spoiled children.

23- Parents who think their children must have whatever they ask for.

24-Lebanese politicians and political situation.

25- Reality TV shows.

26-The taste of powder milk if not mixed well with water.

27-  People who think they can see through you from your facebook statuses.

28- Guys who think smoking cigars makes them “jgouleh”.

29-Spiky hair.

30-Clichés & worn out catch up lines (3ala remshi temshi,ya ard 7fazi ma3layki)

31- People who live upon past glories & illusions.

32- Dependent adults.

33- Red roses offered on all occasions.

34- Hypocrisy especially when coated with holiness.

35- People who think it’s a shame I’m still single: What a waste!

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