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كنت أظن أنك تذكرينني بطفولتي ثم اكتشفت كم أشبهك… لكل من تستوقفه زهرة الحميضة المتواضعة، الربيع لا محالة قادم…

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Passion for Red

There’s this magnificent tree next door that only bears flowers. No leaves or fruit, just red cone shaped flowers that slightly resemble a pine fruit. I really don’t know its name but I’m totally in love with it. In winter, … Continue reading

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Spring in a vase ♥

There’s nothing more beautiful than a bouquet of wild flowers & spring offers a wonderful variety…

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Santa came in Spring

…and got me just what I wanted for quite some time & I still get teary eyes just by mentioning it. My Santa is not that chubby old guy with a long white beard. My Santa is someone I’ve known … Continue reading

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Why I like summer timing

It’s because of that extra hour one could gain when the day gets longer, which to me means a chance to have a nice walk by the beach in the afternoon. I went with Farah & Hiba today and had … Continue reading

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A blast from the past

I spent the first day of vacation spring cleaning in terms of putting away winter clothes to give room for lighter ones, more suitable for the quick change of the weather. For those of you who have done it before … Continue reading

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She wore her greenest gown

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At ease in my own shell

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