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He flashed me a wide confident smile while his black curls were blown backwards by the wind, and off we went! There’s something familiar about this chubby stranger that it felt so right to me to let him hold me … Continue reading

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ثرثرة رمضانيّة طرابلسية

يحلو لي في رمضان التّجول في سوق الخضار لما يرافق هذا الشهر من حركة غير اعتيادية فيكثر باعة العصير في الطرقات وتبدو الخضار أشهى من ذي قبل، لذلك عندما عرض عليّ والديّ مرافقتهما الى السوق لم أتردد لحظة في ذلك، … Continue reading

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Lebanese countryside

The photos are taken from last week’s visit to Qammouaa located in Akkar- North Lebanon.

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You could flap your wings a thousand miles away I’d still feel the pain

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In contact with mother nature

When I was a little girl summer meant the sea, the beach and nothing more. If you ask me now I’d definitely say summer means the mountain and nothing else! Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a huge fan of … Continue reading

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