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Chapter 1

For someone who had believed the main point of life was relationships, I had done a poor job of living. If relationships were the crucible of transformation, I had shattered those fragile containers. I had failed every romantic relationship I … Continue reading

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I know I’m 5 years late in commenting or giving feedback for this Lebanese movie that was released in 2006, but I watched it two days ago and I loved it! What I liked genuinely is the story of “The runaway falafel”.  Tou … Continue reading

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وحدن بيبقوا متل زهر البيلسان

كاتب هذه القصيده هو الشاعر اللبناني طلال حيدر   التي غنتها فيروز تحت اسم وحدن قصة القصيده كان الشاعر طلال حيدر   يشرب فنجاني قهوته الصباحي والمسائي على شرفه منزله المطله على غابه تقع على مقربه من منزله مرت فتره من الزمن … Continue reading

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100 Years of Solitude…

Trains are somehow connected to romance in my mind. The idea of a train station, waiting for someone, or waving goodbye to a dear person with terrible weather conditions and soft sad music in the background form the perfect setting … Continue reading

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Soul Food

Some of the food we eat  is connected to joyful and warm moments. The more effort it takes to prepare, the more it brings loving people together. “Kebbeh meshwiyeh” is one of those  dishes. For the very few who aren’t … Continue reading

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Date a girl who reads…

One of the best emails I’ve received: “Date a girl who reads. Date a girl who spends her money on books instead of clothes. She has problems with closet space because she has too many books. Date a girl who … Continue reading

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Eclipse (old but not published)

Wednesday 29th of March, 2006 witnessed an eclipse at 12:40 pm which lasted four minutes. This rare and special meeting between the sun and moon occurred previously in 1999: seven years before. Have you ever wondered what the moon told … Continue reading

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About the latest Shoot as You walk event…

I know what ur thinking. It’s the 16th event & we’ve been to almost all the places in the old Tripoli, what is possibly there more to see ? & could there be something left in the ancient city to … Continue reading

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