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Two weeks ago:أما آن لهذه المدينة الحزينة الثكلى أن تستريح؟؟؟

I can’t get over the tragedy Tripoli has witnessed 2 Fridays ago. I still get terrible flashbacks, every time I close my eyes I recall the scene, the screams, the destruction, and the despair that hit swiftly and hard… Friday is … Continue reading

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A ride to the past

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من عزمي إلى البازركان

       يحدث أن تستقل تاكسياً في صبيحة يوم حار من آب اللّهّاب، للذهاب إلى السّوق فهذا أمرٌ عاديّ جدّاً. ولكن الذي لن يتكرّر حتماً هو التركيبة المميّزة لركّاب التّاكسي الذي أخذته مع السّائق “بلبل” الذي وُلدَ هو وسيّارته في … Continue reading

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Lebanese countryside

The photos are taken from last week’s visit to Qammouaa located in Akkar- North Lebanon.

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You could flap your wings a thousand miles away I’d still feel the pain

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In contact with mother nature

When I was a little girl summer meant the sea, the beach and nothing more. If you ask me now I’d definitely say summer means the mountain and nothing else! Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a huge fan of … Continue reading

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How far would you go?

In a country like Lebanon it’s very unlikely not to hear people discuss politics regardless their age and background, I’m guessing it runs in our genes. Far from over-generalization and falling into the traps of the vicious situation we found … Continue reading

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Spring in a vase ♥

There’s nothing more beautiful than a bouquet of wild flowers & spring offers a wonderful variety…

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She wore her greenest gown

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