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My first Newspaper appearance: Capturing daily life on the night-time streets of Tripoli

August 11, 2012 01:05 AM By Brooke Anderson, The Daily Star TRIPOLI, Lebanon: The flashes of their cameras light up the dark streets of Tripoli as they wind their way through the narrow alleys of a neglected city waiting to … Continue reading

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Ramadaniyat- 2012

Last night was the 3rd and the last journey of this season (to me) of “Shoot As You Walk-Ramadaniyat” with “We love Tripoli”and I must say it was the best among them all. This time the path was better planned … Continue reading

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طرابلس مدينة للحياة

مسلّحين؟ طبعاً لا. بل مدجّجين بالأسلحة! وكلّ ما يظهر للعيان هو هدف محتمل. كنّا قد عقدنا العزم على التجمّع أمام مبنى البلديّة منذ التّاسعة صباحاً، لا لإسقاطها بل للانطلاق من أمامها ليبدأ المشوار. تدريجيّاً، غصّ الرّصيف بالرّفاق الّذين بدوا متحمّسين … Continue reading

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يا زهرة المدائن

What is photography if the picture isn’t imprinted in the heart before being captured by the lens? Shadows, nothing more. More than you already know, photography has recently become a growing passion to me. Nothing seems to quench that thirst … Continue reading

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A wondrous walk to the core of Tripoli

Perhaps it’s not the best shoot as you walk journey I’ve been to, but so many thing got in the way that made it nevertheless unforgettable. It’s been such a long time since I last went on a journey to … Continue reading

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2nd Anniversary, and the best is yet to come…

Two years, 25 journeys, more than 300 photographers (professional & amateur) and one beloved city. I still find it hard to believe that two years have already passed for the shoot as you walk group’s events! It really seems like yesterday, … Continue reading

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Tripoli ma ville

Let me tell you the story of an ancient city, a city so rich in its heritage that each and every tiny alley is a time witness despite the fact that it’s getting poorer and more neglected by the minute. … Continue reading

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Cities look different at night

Cities look different at night and the night looks very different in Ramadan. I try not miss out on any opportunity to attend the “Shoot as you walk” events but the latest tours were even more appealing to me because of the … Continue reading

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