A wondrous walk to the core of Tripoli

Perhaps it’s not the best shoot as you walk journey I’ve been to, but so many thing got in the way that made it nevertheless unforgettable. It’s been such a long time since I last went on a journey to the center of Tripoli that I’ve missed everything about it.

We went to Daher El Mogher and I’m sure many of you have heard the name in the infamous Tripoli’s  anthem  (I only knew it rhymed with “ros el sakhar”) but when we got there, I was surprised how familiar the place was. The stairs from Qobbeh that led to Abou Ali river that we used to take when heading to El Tal back in uni days were actually the strings that connected Daher El Mogher. Sadly nothing has changed since then, at least for the better.

When we got into the narrowest allies there, the inhabitants were very friendly with us and I just love that sweet sweet accent- Tripoli’s specialty. Unlike what everyone tries to publicize, they were very hospitable, smiling at our cameras and I love how the kids were making us the joke with the excessive numbers of photographers around them  🙂

On the way, two pieces of information from both Tahas made the journey worth taking. Taha N asked me if I knew why it was called ” Daher El Mogher”. Of course I had no idea, then he said smiling: Megher is the plural of Mghara (cave) , it’s because of the rocks’ structure that the whole area is built upon. Taha B said it’s the only place in Lebanon where you can buy 5 items with a 250 L.L coin!

I heard the sound of water roaring around. I feared it was a broken pipe and that we might get soaked but Taha said wait and you’ll see. I reached the end of that tight alley to find this incredible view of Kadisha River that was the source of the sound.

We just sat there and contemplated the nature for a few minutes. The view was breathtaking and we were really tired. This is the farthest place we’ve been to in our shoot as you walk journeys. Suddenly Farah shouts: A ladybug! Where? And we both leaned down trying to catch it. With the help of Hassan K we were able to catch it. It was very fast and when it crawled on my hand it tickled and this really filled my heart with joy.

These were the highlights of journey 29. Meeting with friends, Farah, getting a new piece of information, photography and a marvelous walk. Believe it or not, I’m looking forward to the next journey…

Some of the photos I took today:

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5 Responses to A wondrous walk to the core of Tripoli

  1. taha says:

    DM of Tripoli, i really love it!

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  3. Dana says:

    I’m far away, too far too see the outline of tripoli, too far to feel the cold wind, but when I read your words, I can smell orange blossom flowers, kaak and sumsom…

  4. Ymn says:

    My pleasure Dana, thanks for ur sweet words…

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