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Ramadaniyat- 2012

Last night was the 3rd and the last journey of this season (to me) of “Shoot As You Walk-Ramadaniyat” with “We love Tripoli”and I must say it was the best among them all. This time the path was better planned … Continue reading

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ثرثرة رمضانيّة طرابلسية

يحلو لي في رمضان التّجول في سوق الخضار لما يرافق هذا الشهر من حركة غير اعتيادية فيكثر باعة العصير في الطرقات وتبدو الخضار أشهى من ذي قبل، لذلك عندما عرض عليّ والديّ مرافقتهما الى السوق لم أتردد لحظة في ذلك، … Continue reading

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Cities look different at night

Cities look different at night and the night looks very different in Ramadan. I try not miss out on any opportunity to attend the “Shoot as you walk” events but the latest tours were even more appealing to me because of the … Continue reading

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