Purple is a grape, purple is a plum, purple is my favorite juice, shall I get you some?

“We are not “Epileptic,” but we are people with Epilepsy. Epilepsy isn’t something that should disable a person. There are ways to overcome the pain of dealing with Epilepsy, no matter how badly you suffer from it. It takes time and effort, but it isn’t impossible.
Uplift, Empower, Overcome.”Amanda M. Krzywonski.

I started this post with a quote I came across while surfing the web that I thought it speaks best today. Purple day is back to Tripoli and it’s everyone’s duty to spread the seed of awareness.

I wore purple to school today and I urged my sister and friends to do so and was so excited as to explain the reason behind the color. Just like last year, “We love Tripoli” has made it a remarkable occasion that started with a video about purple day and epilepsy followed by a presentation with a special participation of the young talented Sirine Hamzeh and it ended with a thank you speech from my friend Hassan O & certificates of attendance.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend the event today but I was there in heart and mind. I’m really proud of that small group that is growing bigger by the time, a group that’s trying to  pave the way for awareness to spread.

In the hopes of getting the attention of a larger group, our aim should be focused on schools next year and try to engage different activities related to purple day. March is really a special month. From Woman’s day to Teacher’s day to Mother’s day to Purple day and spring all the way, what more can I say?

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انا المرأة الزوبعة فقل للنخيل يطأطئ حتى أمرّ
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1 Response to Purple is a grape, purple is a plum, purple is my favorite juice, shall I get you some?

  1. mmmayssaaa says:

    while i highly support the intention of “raising awareness” specially in a part of the world where “awareness” of anything other than politics, sex and religion doesn’t really exist, I highly dislike and disagree with the quote, sma7ili 😛
    epilepsy IS a disability and so is diagnosed depression and ADD and Asperger’s. Even old age is classified as a disability. Let’s not change definitions just to make ourselves look more tolerant. And therefore there is naturally a great amount of suffering that occurs inside us if we have (and are aware of having) something which sets us apart and often disadvantages us. But that is not the main cause of “pain”. pain is an educational system that raises parrots. where if you dont grasp complex physics and maths you’re “da3eef” and “kasoul”, where if you choose to be a hairdresser, its bad but if you choose to leave school instead and marry, it’s ok. where if they see a black person the kids laugh and point and where black people are paid to be below us. its where if someone does suffer a seizure people thinks the devil lebso or “jann”…when in their hearts they are just concerned and scared. i wish they would just show their emotions rather than conform to mass standards.
    my family, my neighbours, my community, my country folk, my people…have the biggest hearts but for some reason they like to keep them closed.

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