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يا خالاتي يا حمام

كم كان يحلو السّهر في ليالي الصّيف على شرفة منزل الجدّة.غالباً ما كانت الكهرباء مقطوعة، وكان ضوء البلدية البرتقالي الذي يضيء شارع عزمي يجذب الجميع خارجاً الى الشرفة. لم أفهم يوماً سرّ سطوع هذا الضوء، بينما سكّان الشارع محرومون من … Continue reading

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Non je n’ai rien oublié

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كان غير شكل الزيتون

It’s a long term passionate relationship that I have with olives, far from being my all time favorite food, it can take me to that period of beautiful childhood days where olives meant endless fun with my siblings. It’s that … Continue reading

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آن اوان الرحيل فاعذرني

I got the news while in the school poem recital competition this very same day (April 30th)  back in the year 1998. I remember I wept a bit when my friend announced it on stage : “The king just passed … Continue reading

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A blast from the past

I spent the first day of vacation spring cleaning in terms of putting away winter clothes to give room for lighter ones, more suitable for the quick change of the weather. For those of you who have done it before … Continue reading

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Abou Arteen

If you had lived in Azmi street in the late seventies – early eighties, you can’t possibly not know Abou Arteen. He was one of the most respectful figures in the neighborhood who knew everyone living there with their relatives … Continue reading

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Flashbacks all the way

I took a journey to the past, to a really sweet period of my life and it was all coming back to me. Neither the storm nor the terrible road leading there had the power to prevent me from going … Continue reading

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