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Life’s Little Instruction Book

A few years ago, back when msn messenger was still a hit, a friend sent me a PDF file entitled “Life’s Little Instruction Book” and although I’ve posted some to facebook, but I still find it worth publishing. It made … Continue reading

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خفيفةٌ روحي ، وجسمي مُثْقَلٌ بالذكريات وبالمكان

“I opened myself to you only to be skinned alive. The more vulnerable I became, the faster and more deft your knife. Knowing what was happening, still I stayed and let you carve more. That’s how much I loved you. … Continue reading

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The owl of happy death

The sun shivers with every limb when we say goodbye The full moon whines panicking from a night eclipse Side by side, my pain walks with joy Goodbye is death, but it’s freedom too and freedom is life Happy death has … Continue reading

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Chapter 1

For someone who had believed the main point of life was relationships, I had done a poor job of living. If relationships were the crucible of transformation, I had shattered those fragile containers. I had failed every romantic relationship I … Continue reading

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The Poppies of Lethe

How do we tumble down a hill? A foot placed incautiously on an unsteady rock or loosened turf, an ankle twisted or a knee buckled, and of a sudden we are gone, our body lost to our own control until … Continue reading

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