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كن صديقي…

هرعت اليك هربا من كل شيء ومن كل ما يحيط بي من دمار، لتلفحني نسمات تشرين الحزين. ابتسمت لك شاكرة استقبالك اللطيف. أخافني سكونك المفاجئ في الظهيرة وارتدت نظراتي من توهج الشمس على صفحتك لتتلقف الأصداف الصغيرة المغروسة المنسية في … Continue reading

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when silence has the loudest voice

They say :True friendship comes when the silence between two people is comfortable. But the silence is killing me. I can never feel comfortable around it. Silence is making me feel the awful distance between us and I miss u … Continue reading

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Pour toujours et à jamais

A heartfelt gathering, that’s what it was. Mayssa & Nesrine were thought to be sisters at school and I just love both of them so much. It was magical today, in the infinite rush & race of life, and despite … Continue reading

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Santa came in Spring

…and got me just what I wanted for quite some time & I still get teary eyes just by mentioning it. My Santa is not that chubby old guy with a long white beard. My Santa is someone I’ve known … Continue reading

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To Lady D

Dear Diala, I hope that by the time you read this post you’ve reached Essex safe and sound. I’m so sorry I had to miss all the action related to your most important day, it saddens me that I couldn’t … Continue reading

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