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Weddingek enti

It’s ur wedding JJJ lelelelelelelleelleliiiiisssssssshhhhh! I know it’s going to be zlaghitless, rizless, Zaffehless, barzehless, 3aj2aless but more importantly it’ll be mimiless…Mimiless only regarding the physical presence of hers. Shou bedna fiyya now… I keep remembering that cute photo of … Continue reading

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Akkar Festivals!

I knew ahead of time there won’t be a “Karakala” show for it was Baalback Festivals specialty, No “Charles Aznavour” for it was Beit El Dine specialty, No “Sayf 840” for it was Jbeil Specialty, No “Fayhaa Choir” for it … Continue reading

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