To Lady D

Dear Diala,

I hope that by the time you read this post you’ve reached Essex safe and sound. I’m so sorry I had to miss all the action related to your most important day, it saddens me that I couldn’t take part in the last phase of your Lebanese life. But I’m not worried about you because I know the type of persons that you are. You are one of the very few people I know that have made peace with themselves, and then with the world around them.

It just hit me now that I’ve known you for all my life and that our friendship has had many seasons and took different forms, but one thing hasn’t really changed much through the whole metamorphosis: I have always admired you.

At the early school days, older students were always considered “cool” and the fact that you were a well known figure “the daughter of madame Ahlam” was an extra reason that added to the aura around you. We weren’t friends back then but soon enough we met at the infamous Lebanese university. You were 1 year ahead of me and you double majored so the times I saw you there were very numerous but we always had a nice conversation whenever we met.

The great leap was when I joined Rawdat El Fayhaa and worked together. We really made an exquisite team (you, Maya and I) ; in coordination periods we planned everything that had nothing to do with teaching…It all spiced up when the three of us joined TM and when you introduced Nour to the gang. The weekly meetings and after meetings made our friendship grow fonder and stronger and we became the fantastic four!

5 years of an exceptional friendship during which we shared worries, we laughed like we owned the reins of time, had many arguments, went to many events together… But it’s not goodbye.. It’s a new chapter in our friendship and a new phase in your life.  I smile now when I remember the first time you told Nour and I that there’s someone special and the first question I asked: Is he Egyptian? 

To the Lebanese soul, Egyptian humour and English classy manners in you I wish all the best there is in the world. You have always been glowing with originality when everyone else around you was a mere copy.  And I find me humming that song:

 من أنتِ يا ديالا
لتقطعي الجبالا
من أنتِ عندالناس ياديالا
من أنتِ يا صغيرة
ياطفلة كبيرة




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