Flashbacks all the way

I took a journey to the past, to a really sweet period of my life and it was all coming back to me. Neither the storm nor the terrible road leading there had the power to prevent me from going up to the Lebanese university, for I was on a date with my memories…

Earlier in December a very dear friend of mine Nesrine M told me that there will be a lecture that would serve as orientation for masters 1 students, and we agreed to go together. The minute I recognized the university’s neighborhood I couldn’t help smiling. I pictured myself a few years ago in that cafeteria facing the uni with friends laughing, proud of ourselves for being kicked out of the class or in Khalil’s shop photocopying the course of that Dr with the Indian accent. Moving inside the campus I anxiously scanned the place in search of dear Abou Youssef but couldn’t find him. On the left walls of the faculty of letters still stood those infamous boards where results were displayed. Where are the KitKat benches? They probably got too rusty and got rid of them. I found Nesrine waiting for me and Farah and the three of us headed to the hall where the lecture was about to take place.

Nobody needs to know about the lecture’s details of course, but I’m writing this post because I am happy I took the decision to enroll in the masters program for many reasons. Studying is now a choice not a must do after finishing high school, and I can’t believe I’m excited because I want to study because happiness and studying were never interrelated to me. I’m also happy to get a chance and revive or let’s say strengthen my relationship with  Nesrine my childhood friend who has recently  called me and herself “Cedars” strongly attached to this country and never letting go.

My dear Lebanese university. Please forgive me when I criticize anything about you, I’m truly thankful for this opportunity that is a step forward to my unknown future. How well will I do? It doesn’t matter really, the treasure is in the journey…

P.S: I got the chance to see Abou Youssef who was busy (as usual) guiding late people to the hall 🙂

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انا المرأة الزوبعة فقل للنخيل يطأطئ حتى أمرّ
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