Weddingek enti

It’s ur wedding JJJ lelelelelelelleelleliiiiisssssssshhhhh! I know it’s going to be zlaghitless, rizless, Zaffehless, barzehless, 3aj2aless but more importantly it’ll be mimiless…Mimiless only regarding the physical presence of hers. Shou bedna fiyya now… I keep remembering that cute photo of yours when u were about 5 wearing a white dress with kashkash and a hat. You were dressed as a 3arous and on the 16th you are one.

I can picture it all in my head. I know what ur invitation card looks like, I know the style of ur dress, hair, bouquet, shoes, wedding cake, wedding theme song & the restaurant (not sure if u’ll hold that purse). If I close my eyes maybe I can gather the pieces of puzzle in one lovely portrait: You.. 3arusetna l 7elweh.. I can see ur blue eyes turning a bit grey as a reflection of the silver fur on ur shoulders & the cloudy weather. Hani ur little cousin will carry the rings on the cushion and he’ll look adorable as ever. Your mum will feel proud although m3assbeh mnl stress of the wedding & of the wedding preparations, she’ll have tears in her eyes that she’ll try her best to hide as she will be remembering every step and major stops in your life like that Nido commercial. Your khollow will guide ur steps inside the hall and u’ll be walking so slowly with a thousand idea whirling in ur mind but it’ll all freeze at the sight of Tommy in a suit suffocating from the tie despite the cold weather. The fire that u r in temper, and the ice that he is, will make the most beautiful reaction that will make u both feel at ease, and it would ignite magical fireworks all around you…

I know that at occasions like these, sweet wishes flood from everyone but this time it feels a lot different to me. It’s like ur wedding is one of my own accomplishments that I am mostly proud of, although I had no hand in it whatsoever… the idea of u getting married is like that of waiting for the 3id after ages of fasting. Nothing can wipe that goofy smile off my face…  I woke up 3ala l salat l Fajr which is 4:30 am exactly 11:30 ur time when the ceremony starts. I looked up at the sky that was cloudy with rtoubeh clouds. I sent u a discrete zalghouta and blew u 4 kisses…








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انا المرأة الزوبعة فقل للنخيل يطأطئ حتى أمرّ
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7 Responses to Weddingek enti

  1. M says:

    we arrived my mum and i to the group of huddled guests on the green hill near the clock tower overlooking the ocean all around. i was running ahead of her like a crazy old man. with my veil over my face. my fur on my shoulders my dress like a madame, my hair so stiff with hairspray it could snap, my earrings so heavy they compressed my neck, my shoes so high i could touch the sky…and my sunglasses on. i ran uphill to meet him waiting there for me halfway and my mum half the way behind me. he reached me before i could reach him though and edem the whole crowd he lifted my veil and kissed me like a thirsty nomad then he saw my mum climbing up in her shiny pink and he sta7a and said "hello ikram" and bent down to hug and kiss her. my mum laughed nervously and said "you kiss Mayssa later," and he went red. we reached the clocktower where everyone was standing in their best clothes under the sunny sky and clapping with bright smiles on their faces and cheering for us. I\’ve never been the centre of attention but now i know why ppl like it so much. it felt soooooo good. everyone was standing exactly where they should….as if they\’d been given a script in advance and they\’d already memorised everything off by heart. we stood, he and i, in front of the celebrant who gave a short speech about him and me…then he said his vows to me which he read off a card from his pocket. when my turn came to give my vows i told them i hadnt written anything and i have no card to read from so i will say whatever comes out from my mouth…they all laughed and said i was very brave. i said to them "he\’s the brave one" and winked lol thay all laughed…i said what i felt like saying. it was sincere and straight from the heart and he cried. the celebrant told him to put the ring on finger and we didnt know which finger to put it on so we asked the audience lol and they all gave different answers. it was funny and very natural. the celebrant played YELLOW…LOOK AT THE STARS LOOK HOW THEY SHINE FOR YOU AND EVERYTHING YOU DO…the stars yesterday were the loving faces of all our friends and family. the faces whose eyes were smiling and whose hearts were beaming at us…ive never ever felt so loved.then off to the restaurant we walked like brightly coloured beads rolling back down the hill….

  2. Ymn says:

    Now u bakkaytini…

  3. M says:

    lol i just read that again and u bekaytini again

  4. M says:

    as the guests rolled down the hill and up to the restaurant out fat little photographer was busy barking orders and him and i to stand like this and smile like that and for him to put his hand there and for me to \’etdalla3\’ like that…we took 200 photos while the guests were walking to the restaurant. i was super mfawenseh mnil shames in my eye and the photographer – 3ammo sam – kept telling me to fucking etdalla3! how the hell does a debbeh like me etdalla3?! He ma ken ekhid 3a2lo ella my back cuz it was bare and all my freckles were multiplying in the sun and He kept saying \’u look nice girlfriend\’ and i kept saying \’WIFE!\’. we took 200 photos while the guests were walking up to the restaurant. photos of us faking a kiss, photos of me sitting down in the grass looking like an idiot, photos of Him looking at me bi i3jeb from the left and photos of him looking at me bi i3jeb from the right and vice versa lol. we took 200 photos in the midday sun, 200 photos with the ocean dancing for us in the background, 200 photos with the seagulls NOT shitting on us as they so usually do. then in turn we walked down the hill with our little fat 3amo sam to join our guests. 3amo sam on the way said to me \’layki 3amo ana shu ma beddek be3mel ha\’ i think he khaff shway when he stood next to me. we walked into the restaurant and found every single person in the restaurant standing up and clapping. there were more than 500 people there only 80 of whom were our guests. it was beautiful. our tables were long tables of 22 arranged parrallel to each other with ours being the last one. there were 4 tables in total. everyone could see each other. no one was in a corner, no one was raised. we were all together equally. you said my wedding would be 3aj2aless? the 3aj2a was deafening. u said it would be rizless? one of the dishes contained rice :p u said it would be zalghoutaless? as soon as we walked in, one of the tables erupted in zlagheet. it was my aunties\’ table kellon nfajaro sawa leleleleleleleleeeeeeesh and followed the zalghouta with laughter and shock at their own zalghouta lol…everyone else was laughing but shway scared too lol. u said my wedding would be mimiless? well here i am telling about every little detail. it cant be any more mimifull than this 🙂

  5. Ymn says:

    looool @ the fact ennou he khaf menek when he stood next to u. I can\’t wait to shouf the 200 photos e3jeb 3an yamin w e3jeb 3an shmel…i know ma bye2ta3ou b rasek bas ennou haydi wedding cliches w with ur reactions i bet the 3amo sam 5af before he stood next to u akid f2a3ti shi ja2erten byeswou 3emrou hahhahaI\’m glad ur aunties zalghatou I would join them if i were hounak 🙂 u never told me about the kids? ken fi kids? hani and his brother? wl wedding cake??Thank u for keeping it mimifull 🙂

  6. M says:

    there was a total of 6 kids. One was hani. dressed in his suit and bow tie and sobbat lol. he wore a ja2ra ad raso. he hates tom because hani thinks im waiting for him to grow up. when i first told hani about tom…inno abel ma yshoufo…i told him about toms favourite animal and favourite sport and favourite colour etc etc hani looked at me min taraf 3ayno and said \’what class is he in?\’kid 2 was his brother karim, also in a suit and bow tie but not as classy as hani just more cool. he wore sneakers instead of fancy black leather shoes and his pants were baggy and his boxers were showing lol. he gave me a bouquet of pink flowers when he saw me and i gave it to my mum (because i was already carrying a 3.2 bouquet inno) he came and whispered in my ear " the pink flowers are for u maytha maybe give aunty ikram the orange ones"lolkid 3 and kid 4 were the babies of elsoukis. both slept throughout the whole thing as if nothing was happening around them.kid 5 and 6 were the kids of my step aunty…shayma and ismail. shayma is 12 and acts like she\’s 42 and ismail is 9 and spent the whole 4 hours drawing me and tom and colouring us in lol.

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