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My first Newspaper appearance: Capturing daily life on the night-time streets of Tripoli

August 11, 2012 01:05 AM By Brooke Anderson, The Daily Star TRIPOLI, Lebanon: The flashes of their cameras light up the dark streets of Tripoli as they wind their way through the narrow alleys of a neglected city waiting to … Continue reading

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من عزمي إلى البازركان

       يحدث أن تستقل تاكسياً في صبيحة يوم حار من آب اللّهّاب، للذهاب إلى السّوق فهذا أمرٌ عاديّ جدّاً. ولكن الذي لن يتكرّر حتماً هو التركيبة المميّزة لركّاب التّاكسي الذي أخذته مع السّائق “بلبل” الذي وُلدَ هو وسيّارته في … Continue reading

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Ramadaniyat- 2012

Last night was the 3rd and the last journey of this season (to me) of “Shoot As You Walk-Ramadaniyat” with “We love Tripoli”and I must say it was the best among them all. This time the path was better planned … Continue reading

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واي فاي

When Farah said I have a surprise for you, I really never thought it would be like that. When I knew it was a comedy show I was disappointed and I can tell she read it in my eyes. Patience, … Continue reading

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ثرثرة رمضانيّة طرابلسية

يحلو لي في رمضان التّجول في سوق الخضار لما يرافق هذا الشهر من حركة غير اعتيادية فيكثر باعة العصير في الطرقات وتبدو الخضار أشهى من ذي قبل، لذلك عندما عرض عليّ والديّ مرافقتهما الى السوق لم أتردد لحظة في ذلك، … Continue reading

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طرابلس مدينة للحياة

مسلّحين؟ طبعاً لا. بل مدجّجين بالأسلحة! وكلّ ما يظهر للعيان هو هدف محتمل. كنّا قد عقدنا العزم على التجمّع أمام مبنى البلديّة منذ التّاسعة صباحاً، لا لإسقاطها بل للانطلاق من أمامها ليبدأ المشوار. تدريجيّاً، غصّ الرّصيف بالرّفاق الّذين بدوا متحمّسين … Continue reading

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Against All Odds: Tripoli’s International 1/2 Marathon!

A friend of mine asked a question on Facebook two days ago that said: ” What if you were in hell and someone pissed you off, where do you tell them to go?” I told her to Tripoli, somewhere between … Continue reading

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How far would you go?

In a country like Lebanon it’s very unlikely not to hear people discuss politics regardless their age and background, I’m guessing it runs in our genes. Far from over-generalization and falling into the traps of the vicious situation we found … Continue reading

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El Mina From Above

Some time in the past a friend of mine took some marvelous photos of Tripoli from the top of his building and I always wanted to do the same but for some reason, I never did. This afternoon I finally … Continue reading

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A blast from the past

I spent the first day of vacation spring cleaning in terms of putting away winter clothes to give room for lighter ones, more suitable for the quick change of the weather. For those of you who have done it before … Continue reading

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