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This could be you. This could be me.

It is not the first event of this kind that WLT organizes. This has been going on for years now; it’s just that it’s the first time that I take part of it. It’s been almost two months and maybe … Continue reading

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يا خالاتي يا حمام

كم كان يحلو السّهر في ليالي الصّيف على شرفة منزل الجدّة.غالباً ما كانت الكهرباء مقطوعة، وكان ضوء البلدية البرتقالي الذي يضيء شارع عزمي يجذب الجميع خارجاً الى الشرفة. لم أفهم يوماً سرّ سطوع هذا الضوء، بينما سكّان الشارع محرومون من … Continue reading

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Two weeks ago:أما آن لهذه المدينة الحزينة الثكلى أن تستريح؟؟؟

I can’t get over the tragedy Tripoli has witnessed 2 Fridays ago. I still get terrible flashbacks, every time I close my eyes I recall the scene, the screams, the destruction, and the despair that hit swiftly and hard… Friday is … Continue reading

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My Istanbul experience: Sightseeing

It’s been 3 months since I left Turkey, during which I wasn’t able to write a word about that wondrous 5 days journey. I couldn’t break that circle of charm and magic that enchanted me the minute I stepped foot … Continue reading

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Local girl goes abroad. Destination: Istanbul, Turkey

For someone who has never left the country before, well except for Syria of course (but it doesn’t count,  I have experienced a lot in five days. The trip I took to Istanbul was fulfilling and satisfying on so many … Continue reading

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وللنفوس أقلام

كلّنا يحتاج لسبب أو لآخر لإصدار اخراج قيد فردي أو عائلي لاستكمال معاملة ما، و قليل منّا من يدخل بنفسه الى قلم النفوس لاستلام  بيان القيد، هناك دائماً أحد من معارفك ليهتمّ بهذا الأمر… ولو حدث وأن تساءلت كيف هي … Continue reading

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Between us

I always thought I am there, somewhere between writing & photography, but I come to realize that they are both connected somehow. It’s been a while since I wrote anything, pretty much the same time since I last touched my … Continue reading

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اللّيل يا ليلى

Those eyes that always danced with pride at my sight were shut for good today, that warm  voice that always greeted, those words that always seemed right and that happy tone despite all, were all forced to silence once and … Continue reading

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The way I see it…

An 87 year old woman, waiting on the balcony for her daughter and her granddaughter to take a taxi home simply because it’s getting dark. That’s my grandma. That’s motherly love. A young man out with his mum, two nieces … Continue reading

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الحُب ليسَ روايةً شرقيةْ بختامها يتزوّج الأبطَال

I only saw her in the happy times of my life. As a child, she would take me to her house when I visited my aunt who lived in the same building, and would let me play with a wide … Continue reading

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