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Fatiyeh & Daad- 2012

Cumpleaños Queeny

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حب ايه

هي لا تحبّك أنت يعجبها مجازك أنت شاعرها وهذا كل مافي الأمر

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He flashed me a wide confident smile while his black curls were blown backwards by the wind, and off we went! There’s something familiar about this chubby stranger that it felt so right to me to let him hold me … Continue reading

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when silence has the loudest voice

They say :True friendship comes when the silence between two people is comfortable. But the silence is killing me. I can never feel comfortable around it. Silence is making me feel the awful distance between us and I miss u … Continue reading

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Late realization

It took me a whole year to figure out the answer of a question in a challenge I took last March. 30 day challenge consisted of posting a photo each day under a specific title, these were the rule. When … Continue reading

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آن اوان الرحيل فاعذرني

I got the news while in the school poem recital competition this very same day (April 30th)  back in the year 1998. I remember I wept a bit when my friend announced it on stage : “The king just passed … Continue reading

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Light & Shadows

It seems like I can’t get enough of El Mina and the Mediterranean that hugs its shores. I have posted around 157 photos on Facebook but today I didn’t want to add the new snapshots to the same album, so … Continue reading

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خفيفةٌ روحي ، وجسمي مُثْقَلٌ بالذكريات وبالمكان

“I opened myself to you only to be skinned alive. The more vulnerable I became, the faster and more deft your knife. Knowing what was happening, still I stayed and let you carve more. That’s how much I loved you. … Continue reading

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Pour toujours et à jamais

A heartfelt gathering, that’s what it was. Mayssa & Nesrine were thought to be sisters at school and I just love both of them so much. It was magical today, in the infinite rush & race of life, and despite … Continue reading

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Santa came in Spring

…and got me just what I wanted for quite some time & I still get teary eyes just by mentioning it. My Santa is not that chubby old guy with a long white beard. My Santa is someone I’ve known … Continue reading

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