This is a birthday letter. A simple “Happy Birthday ” won’t do.

I know you have thought many times of keeping your date of birth undisclosed, because I think about it every year, then I change my mind. This bitter sweet feeling, along with the vibes you get after the many birthday wishes you receive every year will leave u pensive and restless.

What did I do this year? What accomplishments have I made? Did I meet the goals I have once set? Am I a better version of me? Am I still where I really was, just getting older? Am I controlling everything in my life? What about my love life? And those first white hairs like silver threads among the gold? Is that a wrinkle I am growing or a dimple?

Don’t go there and don’t do it this year. Think of ur birthday as a check point,  no more. You are at the peak of your youth, not a perky teen nor an old lady.  A woman at the best years of her life. You have an appetite for life that should be refined and increased.

Think of all the people you made happy this year, of all the happy time you spent with ur nieces. Think of the positive feelings you have grown in your entourage. Think of ” Ana akrah al nakad” campain of all the smiles you gave and the ones you got back.

I will not wish you long years to live, but rather valuable time to spend in the years to come. I wish you health and peace of mind. And I wish u an intense love story where u take charge of everything.  I wish you will travel around the world and see wonders.
I want you to know your worth and never say anything foul about yourself. You are loved dear Souhati, and that’s something that nothing can replace.
My lovely Beiruti mirror, I have a reason to love Beirut now, and the reason is YOU.
Everyday I love you more

About Ymn

انا المرأة الزوبعة فقل للنخيل يطأطئ حتى أمرّ
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