ابعتلي ايميل 📝

I was watching this movie the other day and there was a scene during which the main character was all busy sending an email to a friend. Why did people stop doing that? Of course we all recieve work emails but that’s not what I meant.

When was the last time you sent/ received an email from a dear person pouring all your fears or hopes or even promises? I checked my inbox for updates and the last couple of emails were newsletters or attachments from work. All impersonal, lifeless, colorless and tasteless. Whenever something loses its emotional value -to me- is when it becomes worthless. This is not what emails were created for, or at least not their only purpose to serve.
Some people would say, applications like whatsapp, viber or kik would keep you in contact with whomever you want and would also grant you the chance to a quicker reply and a more vivid conversation. Maybe. But it’s not the same.
Sending emails is not just informative, but also self healing. The time you take to type and concentrate makes you organize your ideas. You might eliminate or add more thoughts in the process until you’re done. And then, you go over it and read it again, imagine the receiver’s reaction when they’d receive it. It is an action that provokes ur sense of emotional existence.
In the past decade, my heart was broken by a requested email and although I considered it to be a very cruel thing to do, an act of cowardice, I have ended another relationship years later by email and  it felt so right back then. I have cried and touched the letters on the screen, sometimes I hugged it. I used to get really angry when attaching a photo after resizing it because it used to take ages to upload. I have laughed crazily at incidents I reported to my best friend, nicknames I gave or even quoting people only us would care about. Hotmail used to have this public profile feature where you would allow strangers to send you emails. I used to go by the name (traveler in life) which sounds pretty silly now but was so cool back then. I received many emails from my public profile from different countries. I wrote back and forth to a guy from Algeria who never wrote back after an earthquake had occurred so I assumed he passed away. Ten years ago I was the cool teacher who had an email! And I received many emails from students with colored fonts and backgrounds, that would basically say: “I love you”. I wrote to my cousin who I have never met before, and still haven’t. I was one of the first family members he made contact with and for that, I am grateful and proud.
Emails didn’t have the “last seen” or “online” feature. Emails weren’t so easy to send, you would have to log in from a computer to do so, smartphones made it a lot easier when nobody is writing anything anymore,and everyone has lost the appetite for it.
I demand an email from every person reading this. Sending an email means “I care”, receiving it means “You’re loved”. Sending an email means I actually took some of my precious time and directed my thoughts to you. I wouldn’t mind a love story based on the “You’ve got mail” Meg Ryan’s movie, it would be aiming very high and it’s certainly not possible! Let’s keep it real. An email of a few lines would do. I promise to write back and might even post ur email on my blog. Tell me anything about you,  share something with me. I can’t wait!



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