Local girl goes abroad. Destination: Istanbul, Turkey

For someone who has never left the country before, well except for Syria of course (but it doesn’t count,  I have experienced a lot in five days. The trip I took to Istanbul was fulfilling and satisfying on so many levels that it has affected my list of priorities.

May 1st, early that day I got in the bus to Beirut international airport to fly for the first time in my life. The trip was planned by the school and I have already set my mind before we even left that I am going to have the time of my life with my sister no matter what we’re going to face. To be honest, I was glad we were in a group for if I were alone, I would have never known what to do or where to go or what the steps are. I just followed the line, blindly and did whatever the person before me did. Farah was scared of getting on the plane and I had to be the though person to prove it’s nothing to worry about, but the truth is I didn’t know what to expect to act as follows. Mum said earlier we should chew some gum, it will make the pressure in the ears much better, and so we did.

As we fastened our seat belts, and after the captain had spoken in Turkish then English (not sure which one was first), I firmly held hands with Farah just to assure her that we’re together and asked her if she had seen the two guys at the front of the plane dragging it with two ropes. I think she was so nervous that she believed me and when she saw me laughing at her reaction she realized it was just a joke. I kept chewing and chewing, praying and reading Qur’an until the plane finally moved steadily. I looked at Farah she was still annoyed. Tried to distract herself with the magazine that was there, it turned out to be in Turkish, moved further in the pages to find a Sudoku game that she tried to solve. Meanwhile, I found a different distraction, the view outside the window. I grabbed my camera and started taking several snapshots of the sky, the sea and the land outside.

View from the plane

View from the plane

I found the coffee they served us at the airplane heavenly and enjoyed every sip of it. It wasn’t long till we arrived to Istanbul that looked majestic from above. The plane landed in “Istanbul Sabiha airport”, I kept wondering who Sabiha was and it wasn’t until a few days later that I got an answer: Sabiha, the adopted daughter of Kamal Ataturk  was the first lady that ever flew an airplane in Turkey. I looked at Istanbul from the small window beside me, it seemed like she was smiling at me and asking me where I have been all these years. I smiled too, I am there.

Istanbul as seen from the airplane

Istanbul as seen from the airplane

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7 Responses to Local girl goes abroad. Destination: Istanbul, Turkey

  1. mmmayssaaa says:

    Nooooooooooooooooooooo! Wlk kammli ya allaaaaaaahhhh 😥

  2. J.K. says:

    🙂 thanks for sharing & welcome back.. Tourism is great ..

  3. Nath says:

    That’s it? 😦

  4. wlabban says:

    waiting for the rest of the trip

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