Yesterday afternoon

I’ve recently recovered from a severe illness accompanied with a high fever that was able to physically shut me down for four consecutive days. Yesterday I felt I regained my energy, and I wanted to celebrate by going out on a date with my camera. As it was not something planned, I couldn’t find anyone to accompany me: Farah had a meeting, Nur.A is under a lot of pressure with her uni projects, Abdallah was meeting some friends so I desperately asked  my neighbor Jean who also turned my offer down because he had to study for “Brevet”.

It was the first time in my life that I go alone to the sea, I never do anything alone because I really love company. So I plugged my earphones to save me from the silly comments I always get whenever I go shooting. I usually don’t mind because I’m always with a group but this time I wanted to be isolated from everyone. I even used my shades though it wasn’t that sunny… I had the spy look all over.

Most people take advantage of the good weather to go biking, jogging, walking or just sitting there on the new benches. Some people prefer to give their backs to the sea and watch the people around while others turn their backs to the people and contemplate the big blue. I wonder what would the sea say to all these people if granted speech, or perhaps people love to be there just for comfort and no one is really looking for answers?

I went back and forth the corniche twice, it took me about an hour because I wanted to wait for the last light of the day. Clouds were a great addition to the scenery and no matter how many times you take photographs of the sunset, it is never enough. Every time I watch a sunset I stand mesmerized by the charming view.

There is a benefit in being alone sometimes, I felt like my senses were more alert and I paid attention to more details, I also listened to a playlist in my phone that was a bit rusty and needs some updating but was great for the small trip.

I leave u with some photos…




IMG_2057For more photos, check:


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