Nemr Abou Nassar,The Legend

The Rexona ad! Who the hell walks like this?” This is how I got intrigued to know more about this witty Lebanese guy who featured on a huge event in the UAE, among many other stand up comedians from around the world, which “ShowComedy” was broadcasting in 2006. I remember he had bumpy start but benefited from the situation in Lebanon (war back then) and mentioned that this is how people in Lebanon are dressed now (sweat suit) to make it easier to escape, and something about the Syrian airlines that was simply hilarious!

I later knew he had his own show on Mix FM but I’ve never actually listened to it. I thought, this guy is really talented but I don’t think he’ll survive in show business. For in Lebanon, to be a comedian means you either have to be clowning with silly mimicry or imitating politicians, and the country is flooding with these worn up type of shows that aren’t really funny most of the time. I’m really thankful I was wrong about you Nemr for you could easily be a synonym for “original”.

It’s true, Stand up comedy is not so common in Lebanon & it’s imported from the west but Nemr Abou Nassar has Lebanesed it so brilliantly that he started as a phenomenon and continues as a legend! We only copy the west, take for example rappers or any “successful” Lebanese show or video clip, the idea is always stolen and imported and in my opinion this is what makes them a copy, just a fake lame one. A couple of months ago, my Dutch cousin who has never been in Lebanon for 26 years has visited us, and  it’s so hard to explain about the complexity of our society or what we’re going through aside from politics for someone who has no idea of what Lebanon is. I told him if you really want to know about us, follow this guy (Nemr) on twitter and I gave him all the links available, official page on YouTube , etc… You can get everything he’s saying because it’s mostly in English.

So why am I writing this post? For two reasons actually, I was shocked when I knew that Nemr was going to be hosted by Marcel Ghanem’s “Kalam El Nass” because it’s usually a political show, and even if Marcel is a bit sarcastic this doesn’t mean it’s a comedy show. I was afraid, to be honest that Nemr won’t be able to convey the message he’s carrying and I salute him for trying so hard to speak in Arabic most of the time. This guy should be idolized for he has a noble vision and an open invitation to all the Lebanese youth: Throw away whatever is breaking us apart, let us not be blind followers for politicians who are using us as puppets for their own interests and let’s highlight what we have in common as Lebanese, “Take entertainment back” don’t settle for whatever you are being offered. He wants to start a new movement, an online community with good taste. I was watching him speak and I loved how involved he is in his vision, I’m grateful that there’s a young Lebanese with a spirit like this and can still dream and try to make that dream come true. He is not hallucinating, it’s not a mirage, it’s a dream he’s trying to fulfill by setting steps and ways to get there, he needs support and from here I want to say I support Nemr Abou Nassar in his mission. It doesn’t matter whether he succeeds or not or how far he will get; what really matters is that he’s a true leader without being a politician, a leader in his domain who has set his goals and trying his best to achieve them. I admire his positivism and I sure hope it spreads in the youngsters’ lifestyle that is attacked by despair. When everyone is fleeing the country, Nemr is inviting us to stay and make a difference. I salute you for that my friend!

Aside from Nemr’s revolution, I felt I needed to write this after watching a YouTube video for Nemr, criticizing and attacking “Myriam Klink” who before watching this I had no idea who she was or what she’d done. My brother suggested I watch her video “3antar” first to understand Nemr’s reaction. For those of you who, like me didn’t have a clue about Miryam and her clip check it out:

Now this is what Nemr had to say about it:

I felt like he said exactly what I wanted to say and comment after seeing this filth. I like the fact that someone from the show business industry is really bothering and criticizing and setting limits and standards for what art is and what’s not, especially for the youth, whose taste is spoiled by pretenders and wannabes. Nemr speaks of morals and he’s not a preacher or a religious person. He’s a stand up comedian with tons of young fans who listen to him and follow his news, the person who can point out the wrong and express his point of view without forcing it and can get through the youth, the portion of the society that matters the most, without being a threat to them but rather spreading some sense in their minds.

I promised myself to watch him perform live some time in the near future; I’m hoping he visits Tripoli soon. I can barely listen to a “Wael Kfoury” song without remembering” 7aziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin”, or “Rami Ayyache” without recalling the sketch with the interview and the desert video.  To the Pioneer that you are Nemr Abou Nassar, I wish you all the best in your mission and career, I hope you would inspire more people to join you in the “Take entertainment back” quest. You are truly the Youth ambassador and their voice.

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    antar abl il nowm antar ba3d il nom antarrrrrrr superstar antar medri shu
    miaow miaow
    scratch wall
    wear a body with collant mna22at ta7to

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