واي فاي

When Farah said I have a surprise for you, I really never thought it would be like that. When I knew it was a comedy show I was disappointed and I can tell she read it in my eyes. Patience, she said and then I understood what Farah wanted me to see.

The song of that comedy show was filmed in a very familiar setting: Rachid Karameh International Fair, Maarad! I couldn’t believe it! What would bring Kuwaiti actors to this place, I mean considering the options they have in their country? I watched it till I read all the credits and I couldn’t really tell who’s exactly from Tripoli that had the idea and brought them there?

Never in my life have I understood the Gulf comedy, I don’t get what they’re saying most of the time but now I wait for the show just to watch Tripoli on TV 🙂 What makes me relate even more is the fact that I took a couple of shots of the place about 7 weeks ago:

I don’t know how many of you have watched the show and I’m not asking you to, just check out the song like I do. I watch it everyday and it’s sad I couldn’t find any photos from the “generique” on Google, I guess no one really cares…

Wi Fi on mbc

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