Size doesn’t matter

In a city of cats, you must appreciate the presence of dogs. This tiny dog however seems to take it personal, as if she has to make up for the  lack of  dogs in the neighborhood.

“Taki” is our florist’s dog who seems to take the barking business so seriously in a way I think she’ll end up exploding as a result one day. Seeing her offended by “Elie”, the internet cafe owner next to the flower shop who finds pleasure in teasing her, is hilarious and if I wasn’t so terrified I would have videotaped it for you! You can’t imagine how such a tiny creature is able to make that huge fuss and that much noise!

“Taki” is a spoiled pet dog but seems like a rebellious one, too. Although her barking is like stepping on those plastic beeping toys but she’s got temper and a lot of character that compensates her small size and perhaps this is why I like her. One day I was passing by the shop I mistook her for a decoration… She was just sitting still sinking in her dog worries contemplating life outside the glass.

Tante “Em Gabi” is her owner and she’s such a sweet lady. I like that she broke the stereotype of older women with cats. “Taki” is her grand children’s best friends too, they can’t wait to finish their lessons to come to their grandma’s shop to play with “Taki” who seems to enjoy their company as well.

Dear “Taki” if I ever become courageous enough as in not to be scared to death by dogs, I’d love to have a pet from the same genre. Meanwhile, I love you…But from a distance 🙂


About Ymn

انا المرأة الزوبعة فقل للنخيل يطأطئ حتى أمرّ
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2 Responses to Size doesn’t matter

  1. nhalawani says:

    I guess I should apologize, I was going to comment a long time ago but it seems it had slipped away. You are talented ymn, especially with the shy self sarcasm you always shed light upon, it’s right there hidden between the lines where you make us have the tiniest giggle about yourself 🙂 amazingly forethought elaboration & great details. bravo!

    • Ymn says:

      haha thanks Nath, I shared it with you as I know u like this sarcastic tone 🙂 and i also remember ur story when u said u had a bad experience with dogs chasing after u bike 😛

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