How far would you go?

In a country like Lebanon it’s very unlikely not to hear people discuss politics regardless their age and background, I’m guessing it runs in our genes. Far from over-generalization and falling into the traps of the vicious situation we found ourselves in in Tripoli, I always take the side of the oppressed no matter what.

I’m not a violence fan but I understand where it all comes from. When nobody cares about you, how you make your living, when you live below the standard line of poverty, you certainly need to take care of yourself it’s called survival. When you look back in anger to previous experiences in the not so far past, you have to take some action because if you stay helpless you don’t deserve to be called alive to begin with. What’s happening in my city is the result of years and years of neglect and injustice.

It’s not about a person anymore, it’s about the cause he stands for and the people he represent. What happened is a big “No” to arresting people in prisons without any fair trials, without pressing any charges.  Some citizens are still captive since the year 2000 others from the year 2007, and their cause seems to be invisible or perhaps unworthy to deputies or even the media.

What they want is simple and just, it’s true the whole situation is scary as no one knows where it’s leading us and I don’t fancy the bullets and bombing sounds we’re forced to hear in the background but we need to be patient and stay alert. My dear Tripoli, it will pass and let’s just hope that “Chadi won’t be lost”…


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انا المرأة الزوبعة فقل للنخيل يطأطئ حتى أمرّ
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