A blast from the past

I spent the first day of vacation spring cleaning in terms of putting away winter clothes to give room for lighter ones, more suitable for the quick change of the weather. For those of you who have done it before you know how agonizing the task is, this is why I decided to have as many breaks as I can.

In one of these breaks, I came across an old photograph that fell on the floor while I was removing a long forgotten book on the shelf. The photo made my day. It goes back to the year 1991, a year before my baby brother was born.

I love the background that doesn’t exist anymore, it is what everyone knows as corniche El Mina nowadays. I love the Minnie mouse hairdo of Farah & Nour’s fountain as a hairdo, too. I love the rose I was holding I wonder where I got it from. It was early spring, just like these days. I remember the sweater I was wearing was double faced and that Farah was wearing the same the mini skirt I had on but Nour’s pose covered it away. I guess my love for the sea is something I was raised to do. I remember those long walks with my sisters each afternoon, where dad would accompany us there long before the seaside turned into concrete. We picked flowers, raced, collected shells and the best activity we did was to climb up those high rocks just where the waves crushed with a handful of small pebbles that we would throw to the core of the big blue in a competitive way to see who can hit further. I learned a few tricks without even knowing the meaning of the word physics to begin with, the lighter and smaller the pebble, the further it will go.

It’s the only photo I have for those wonderful times we spent back then, the ones in my heart and mind are many more, the kind of images that never fade away… If I close my eyes I can ever hear  laughter in the background, my happy thoughts till the last breath I take.

About Ymn

انا المرأة الزوبعة فقل للنخيل يطأطئ حتى أمرّ
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  1. Nur says:

    meemee.. amasing!

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