I stumbled on it while searching for something else and I love it!

Everitte.org الخط العربي من أفرت باربي

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انا المرأة الزوبعة فقل للنخيل يطأطئ حتى أمرّ
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  1. mayssa says:

    Take my phone and damage it
    Pour your coffee over it
    Send your turbid morning ritual
    To kill it and awaken it.

    All the Nescafe in Melbourne is yours
    to spill and use as you choose
    All the apps on the internet are yours
    and to your mug they pay their dues.

    Salaam to your balcon, the madkhal and the rain
    Salaam ila teezin ishtaqat laha 3ayn
    Forget his horse, animal cruelty is discouraged
    Take my phone and slaughter that instead because without yours my smart phone bleeds out rhymes that eventually stop rhyming because I wselet 3Al sheghel settna, waseena?

  2. Bilal Kamoon says:

    Oh Mahmoud Darwish is my favorite poet! Love it (:

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