Tripoli Carfree Day: The event…

I have more photos than words to share this time. The event was a real success and what I liked the most about, is that it was a family day by excellence. I saw a lot of mothers & fathers and their kids having a wonderful time together. I saw teenagers gathering with their friends doing what they like to do most: biking, skateboarding, listening to rap and watching  stunts performances. I saw people doing simple tasks but having the time of their lives. Wherever I looked there were kids running, parents laughing, friends giggling and gossiping. Photographers were everywhere, whether professional or amateur, they were all there to capture every minute of this special day. People’s faces that glowed with joy that spread warmth despite the cold weather. It was as if the citizens of Tripoli have suddenly realized how beautiful their city is, how different it looked and original it was.

On my way back, I saw Hala Fadel on one side of the road. I went to say hello and congratulate her for a very successful day. I told her it should be an annual event and that next year it would  be even more beautiful. She smiled at me and said: “We went to a shoot as you walk event together, right? … Annual? I want that to happen every Sunday!”

Before I leave you with the photos, I want to thank each and everyone who made it happen: Tripoli Youth Network, Maurice Fadel prize & Bankmed. Thank you for your efforts and looking forward to many more events to come. No credit whatsoever  can be contirbuted to me and I’m an ecstatically proud citizen…



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انا المرأة الزوبعة فقل للنخيل يطأطئ حتى أمرّ
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