Tripoli Car Free Day: A day to look forward to!

You can’t possibly be living in Tripoli and not know about ” Tripoli Car Free Day”. It’s been almost a month and maybe even a bit more that everyone is talking about it and I think it’s healthy that people of different age and interests are promoting the day.

Many TV shows publicized the event, too. Facebook pages were created, posters campaigns, meetings and much more and although I’m just a humble observer I could feel the positive vibes and enthusiasm transmitted through the organizers’ speeches, excitements and preparations.  My friend Taha B is among the organizers and I love how involved he is… Passionate people always manage to get their message delivered, and their voice heard no matter what…

To show support and out of respect I’m writing this entry, I’m also participating in this city festival and perhaps I could convince you to join in, too. If you are a music fan, a stage will be built and  a band will be playing just that day. Also the environment ambassador at the united nations” Ragheb Alama” will have a concert in Rachid Karame fair on Saturday (I bet you didn’t know that info about Ragheb Alama :P)

Not interested in music? Perhaps you’re an athletic person and you love biking! You could bring you bike and the wide streets of Tripoli (with cars of course) are all yours. Get your scooter or skate board, we’d love to see some stunts and I’m sure we will knowing that Sastek Derbass is among the organizers. So even if you’re like me, not much of a biker, you’ll love the show and the performance.

Still not convinced, eh? What about jogging? It’s one of the easiest healthy exercises, and to guarantee your safety what better place one needs like an open car free space? From City complex to corniche El Mina that’s how much you can walk on the pace you want. There would also be a 10 km marathon for those interested to compete!

As for photography lovers, a competition will be held for the occasion. You just need to photograph the city in the Car free day and send it to the organizers. The prize is an advanced camera and the two winners will be announced on a later phase.

I hope to see you on the 13th. I’ll be wandering the streets of Tripoli and El Mina with my sisters and brother from 11 to 6 inshalla. Perhaps we’re far off being in a car free city but that doesn’t mean we kill the dream in its cradle, it’s a shame if we don’t try. Many mistakes will occur but we shouldn’t focus on the negative sides.. Instead of criticizing, be supportive. Good luck Tripoli 🙂


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4 Responses to Tripoli Car Free Day: A day to look forward to!

  1. mmmayssaaa says:

    i LOVE this idea.
    1- because it’s yet another contribution to putting tripoli on the map again.
    2- because it’s for the people not the leaders. lal sha3eb ma lal tmezhor.
    3- it’s so multifaceted, its about music and exercise and health and the environment.
    4- i love the posters youve posted. theyre simple and straight to the point. but i gotta admit i didnt like the one with ragheb alama’s face on it. it made him the focus, and the event a subtitle when it should be the opposite.
    5- the fact that the youth is becoming involved, ma bas heik but its like theyre taking over and leading change where previously it was all about the middle aged and old men.
    6- im not quite sure i understand the premise though. are ppl encouraged to not drive at all on that day? in all tripoli? here we have the Ride to Work day once a year every year where you ride ur bike to work or to a bus or train station. the carlessness is made possible due to the presence of alternative modes of transport.
    i would so love to see an event such as this but catering to a slightly older generation of the population as well. something my parents would go to for example…
    hmmm, whats next? 😛

  2. Ymn says:

    To encourage people, organizers chose the event to be on Sunday. From City complex to corniche el mina from 11 am to 6 pm. It’s a start, many ppl are trying to ridicule the efforts and the ideas because we have better things to worry about 3ala awelton bass 3an jad i hope it would be a good experience. Your parents could enjoy the walk mayssa akid not the band, biking or photography it’s like a local festivals.
    kermel Ragheb alama’s poster fattastini de7ek…3terfi ennek ma betti2i heheheheh

  3. Dana says:

    I was just visiting tripoli last week, telling my husband that we use to smell orange bloom all the time,before building and concrete eats the greenery…he didn’t believe me as he never knew tripoli.
    I can almost hear the people complaining about the campaign, old men playing card , smoking and doing nothing to change the situation.
    My deepest salam to anyone who tries to undust this old city, who even tries to bring a new sunshine.
    It doesn’t matter how successfull the day is, what matters is that people care about Tripoli.
    Thank you lady bug, and all the silent workers.

  4. mmmayssaaa says:

    i agree that there are other things to worry about and there always will be no matter where you go but just because we cant do everything doesnt mean we cant do something…i also can imagine some ppl talking about it…the traditionalists in their salonette smoking argileh and dismissing the event with a fake smile and a flick of the hand. the conservatives who will fault it as just an excuse for “ikhtilat” 😛 bas ridiculing is the weapon of the weak. this environment raised us. we owe it at least an attempt.

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