The Mountain & The Gazelle

Once upon a time, there was a high mountain filled with flowers and roses called the Incense mountain. Every night, he’d look up to the stars and sing for them. He only had a single wish: to have a companion that would free him from loneliness.

One night, he saw a gazelle looking at him and immediately falls in love with her. He whispered: Where have you been? I’ve been waiting for so long for you. The startled gazelle was about to escape when he called her again: I heard your voice from a distant place and I love you, come to me and let’s unite. The gazelle who was once frightened from the majestic mountain, softly said: let me first heal my wounds and I’ll return to you.

And so she left, and so the mountain waited and waited. Seasons passed and years followed and the gazelle never returned but the mountain had sworn to wait for her until he catches his last breaths and becomes a pile of rocks. He stopped singing to the stars and the flowers that covered him withered and died.

I’m back! She said, bouncing around him. I knew you would, replied the mountain in a weary voice, but I’m not the mountain you know. I’m old and heartbroken. From the day you left flowers stopped blooming, stars stopped glowing and birds don’t sing no more…

I was away, true! But you were always on my mind, deep down in my heart! Cried the gazelle. Hug me and hold me close to you! I won’t leave you alone! The gazelle rested her head on the mountain’s summit with tears dwelling in her eyes.

Where the tears rested, two water falls suddenly flew abundantly from the mountain’s core. And till our days, every spring, a red rose blooms where the waterfalls meet..


About Ymn

انا المرأة الزوبعة فقل للنخيل يطأطئ حتى أمرّ
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12 Responses to The Mountain & The Gazelle

  1. farah Zeini says:

    Yammoun, it’s very nice, what’s the moral of the story? :)))

  2. Ymn says:

    There’s no moral of the story farrou7, ce ne sont pas les fables de La Fontaine 😀 what did u like about it?

  3. Farah says:

    The best part is not the hope the mountain has, but the loyalty of the gazelle! very tough to find these days no?

  4. Ymn says:

    Both are very hard to find hope & loyalty. But do u really think what the gazelle has is loyalty?

  5. farah Zeini says:

    Yammoun, every story has a moral, not only “les fables de la fontaine” :D.
    The mountain is the symbol of the strong person that appears to people having a solid heart like the stone of the mountain, unreachable like it’s summit. But in fact he is sensitive , need love, search for it, and even could die without it.
    If you love someone, It’s not enough to think about him, he needs you next to him to color and brighten his life.
    The question is: where did the gazelle spend all this time???? it’s not loyality, I’m sure it’s treason 😛

  6. Farah says:

    If it was treason, the gazelle wouldn’t have come back..If there is a moral to the story it would be never to count on other people for happiness…they are bound to hurt you !

  7. Ymn says:

    I love the moral you found in the story Farah zeini 😀 & bl ezen mn farrou7.M I have to agree that it was not loyalty the gazelle had. But let’s not call it treason, it could be a late realization of the warmth she missed all her life to finally resort to the mountain being certain it won’t go anywhere. Farah M, true never count on other ppl for happiness they’re not always bound to hurt you, sometimes nobody really cares.

  8. Farah Zeini says:

    Maybe She is back after a failed love story :), she doesn’t have another choice.
    She didn’t love the mountain, if she did, she couldn’t be able to live away from him all this time.
    It’s true not to count on “other people” for happiness but the problem is that u suddenly discover that happiness can’t be without “other people”. As humans how can we solve it? 😀

  9. Farah says:

    Ymn, If they didn’t do anything to hurt you, Their not caring hurts!
    Farah..we manage…we risk and get hurt or risk and get happiness..50-50 chance!

  10. Myriam says:

    The gazelle was afraid of Love, that’s why she left, for Love can be a very scary feeling. So, it took a really long time for her to come back, which she regreted the moment she realised the mountain’s sorrow. The mountain was wiser, so he could wait for love to come to him, but at the same time, living without love, kills you. At the end, they are reunited in love forever 🙂 I guess we all have a different timing for love, blessed are those who converge.

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