Farewell Fehman…

I just read the news of Fehman’s death. I don’t know why the news moved me that much. Maybe because the actor was a solid part of my childhood. A comedian in “Abou Salim’s group”, he was perhaps the funniest among them. I remember I watched a play for Fehman with Abou Salim when I was 14 years old in Cinema Colorado the third day of Eid after following a Ramadan series that we waited for as kids every day after the iftar.

He wasn’t only a comedian, he had several roles with the Rahbanis and Feiruz in plays and movies. I remember a serious role for him in a film I like “West Beirut”. I don’t have a record for all his accomplishment though they’re many of course, but it fascinated me that he remained an actor till the last breath. He fell on stage because of a heart attack while taking part in a cultural festival event in “Kfarseer” a village in the south.

Perhaps this is what moved me the most. He died on stage, even though he was moved to the local hospital with the helpless efforts of rescusing him. He lived and died on stage but this time there was no one there to clap when the curtains fell. Are Lebanese actors doomed? The great Nasri Chams Eddine & Feryal Karim also died on stage performing. They all died poor, in debt more specifically. These are the honorable actors that added to the Lebanese heritage. They’re becoming fewer by the day and no one really cares.

Goodbye Fehman. And I’m sorry no one cared about the treasure that you were. You will always be in the hearts of the people who loved you. Fehman (Mahmoud Mabsout), may Allah have mercy on your soul…

Photo taken from news.nawaret.com

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انا المرأة الزوبعة فقل للنخيل يطأطئ حتى أمرّ
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1 Response to Farewell Fehman…

  1. ananouna says:

    alla yer7amo w yeghfirlo.. we all loved fehmen :S 😥

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