About the latest Shoot as You walk event…

I know what ur thinking. It’s the 16th event & we’ve been to almost all the places in the old Tripoli, what is possibly there more to see ? & could there be something left in the ancient city to take photos of?  To be honest, I wasn’t sure either, but there’s a pleasure that only the participants in these events know.. A vivid energy shared by all the amateur photographers, that pushes you to go with the group even if you don’t have a clue about the path of the journey…

And so I went on a sunny Sunday (May 29th). My sister & I and met the group as usual at Nawfal palace. And there were many familiar faces that welcomed us & some new ones, too. One of the warm smiles I received was from a charming lady with two children, a boy & an older girl. I introduced my self & she did too, and then we took off. On the way, there was a stage when she walked beside me and suddenly said: “I just discovered I’m the eldest among everybody here”.

I said: “no I’m sure I am, see I’m an 82 model 😉 “. “Well, I’m a 74”, she smiled. “But You sure seem younger than that”, I added.  And then we went on. I have visited many of the old Hammams but this time, we got the chance to visit “Hammam Al Noury” which is the worst considering the bad condition & state of it. It’s sad because its architecture is much more beautiful than that of ” Hammam El Abed” or “Hammam El Jdid” and also bigger but its awfully neglected.

Group photo in Hammam El Noury ( photo by Taha Baba)

Moving on, we also had the chance to go to the rooms of “Khan El Khayatin” and the high stairs also gave us the chance to see the top of “Hammam Ezz Eddine”. A great view indeed. On the way back, we passed in the Churches street in the old city. Clapping and shouting were heard loudly. We paused to find out that it’s coming from a small church “St Nicholas”.  At the door, there was an Ethiopian woman. When she saw us, she invited us in. And so we did go inside. Some of us took photos, I took a video of their prayer, too. Then another older woman inside felt that we have invaded their privacy with our noisy cameras so she led us out & showed us the door.

ظهر حمام عزالدين

When we got out, we were wondering why Ethiopians had similar acts in prayer to black people in the USA knowing that the Christians of Ethiopia are Greek Orthodox. Then I mentioned reading the name of ” Maurice Fadel” on the gates of the church, which meant it’s Greek Orthodox. The sweet lady mentioned that another nearby church was renovated by him. A few steps ahead when we almost arrived to the start point, she left the group and waved goodbye to everybody. Taha. N asked me if I knew who she was. I didn’t have a clue, it wasn’t until he told me she’s “Robert Fadel’s wife” that her name “Hala Fadel” hardly rang any bell.

Ethiopian Prayer

When I went back home, viewed the photos I took & watched the happy prayer video, I thought of that journey. I am still touched by Hala Fadel’s humbleness. She joined a facebook event, no personal or official invitation, no body guards, she walked with her two kids with people she hardly knew, to poor places I bet she never went before. I mean how many deputies’ wives do you know would ever do what she has done?

                                 Hala Fadel & her two kids (photo by Taha Baba)

And so I could say that Shoot as u walk events never lose their originality, every journey we take is a new adventure. An you know what? I’m really looking forward to the upcoming event already!



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انا المرأة الزوبعة فقل للنخيل يطأطئ حتى أمرّ
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9 Responses to About the latest Shoot as You walk event…

  1. mmmayssaaa says:

    i guess sometimes we can go the same place many times and see new things all the time. bas yea bzon deyman ella ma tle2o new places in Tripoli to go to.
    i would’ve made friends with one of those Ethiopian ladies really quickly before getting kicked out though, they have one of the yummiest cuisines in the world 😛

  2. Ymn says:

    Yes it seems so. It depends on ur mood kamen, sometimes u miss a shot of a view u never paid attention to in a previous time.. The Ethiopian lady at the door was very friendly & I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t have kicked us out if we hadn’t teffashnehon bl cameras… Pleas name an Ethiopian dish that u really really like, beddi jarreb 😀

    • mmmayssaaa says:

      ethiopian food is mostly all stews and served with their injira bread which is like one big atayef. my favourites are doro wot and siga wot but its very hard to choose. where would u try it?

      • Ymn says:

        I’d Ask “Amina” the Ethiopian who works @ my khalto’s to fix me some. bass ma ykoun kteer 7arr :S

  3. Bilal Kamoon says:

    wow! It sounds so much fun. I always decide I’m going to participate in the next event, but I hesitate at the last moment cuz I don’t know anyone, but you guys seems so friendly. I’m definitely joining in last time (;

  4. Ymn says:

    Give it a try Bilal, if u like photography u won’t regret it I’m sure 🙂

  5. Nabil Doumani says:

    Tripoli has so much to offer in terms of history. Anybody can enjoy the centuries of precious heritage

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