Tripoli’s Half Marathon- 2011

For the second year, Tripoli hosted an international half marathon, and for the second time I still have no idea why it’s called”half marathon”. Last year’s experience was remarkable this is why I was so excited about this year’s marathon.

Farah,Hiba & I planned to have a light breakfast at Tayta’s considering the fact that her house is very close to the start line. We took off at 10:15 and headed for maarad where the event was supposed to start. The 5 Km course was supposed to start at 10:30 & I was shocked to know that it’s going to start at 11:30 when I asked one of the organizers in red T.shirts about it! Why this sudden shift in the time? No one was able to provide an answer. I guess many ppl complained about it so they announced that the 5 km race is going to start at 11.

We waited forever till we finally started the race! After finishing El Mina road street, and getting to Nini hospital, instead of continuing the course to Spinneys in Damm & Farez then back to Maarad, ppl just returned to the start line. When I realized this, it was too late to go back & fix it. Many cars got in the way and racers had to clear the way for vehicles that were not supposed to be taking these lanes! There were also no signs whatsoever to tell u where to go and how many Kms u have already walked. It was very frustrating. You would expect mistakes when it’s the first event of its kind but because it’s the second year, I was very disappointed.

Perhaps they paid more attention to the media coverage and to the artists and bands they got to perform. In addition to Sabine, There was Brigitte Yaghi, Michel Azzi, & many other local bands. I met many friends and students there, too.

I said to myself. I won’t do it again next year, but now that I come to think about it I’m not really sure. Here are some photos I took today:


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One Response to Tripoli’s Half Marathon- 2011

  1. mmmayssaaa says:

    well a full marathon is about 40 km i think so 5 km is actually an eighth of a marathon or heik shi 😛
    its a pity that they screwed up the organising of the major part of the event and put more effort into the side dishes but im still glad that theyre doing it at all.

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