Purple Day!

The first time I heard  about purple day it didn’t ring any bell. The color has no significant connotation to me, especially that colors in my country are related to political parties or views and purple isn’t one of those symbols. “Purple day for epilepsy in Tripoli” the event of facebook said, but why purple?

Cassidy Megan, the 9 year old Canadian who came up with the idea, chose the color purple lavender because the lavender flower is often associated with solitude, which is representative of the feelings of isolation many people affected by epilepsy and seizure disorders often feel. Cassidy’s goal is for people with epilepsy everywhere to know they’re not alone.

We Love Tripoli is the official Lebanese partner of Purple Day & the event was very successful last year but I wasn’t back then a member in the organization. This year it’s different although my participation is very humble. On Friday, Hassan O invited us to the WLT office to help finalize the preparations. Although many ppl took part in this event but hats down to Hassan for showing enthusiasm and putting a lot of effort to make it successful.  I couldn’t attend the event from the beginning but I made a late appearance just in time to hold the letter “Y” (that Hassan has saved for me upon my request) in the group photo. Bravo We Love Tripoli for taking part in spreading epilepsy awareness around the world..


Photo by: We Love Tripoli https://www.facebook.com/welovetripoli


About Ymn

انا المرأة الزوبعة فقل للنخيل يطأطئ حتى أمرّ
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5 Responses to Purple Day!

  1. MM says:

    It’s great that causes like this are being talked about in lebanon and no longer hushed under the carpet as proof of superstition or witchcraft. I hope that alongside a public display of “awareness” that proper training was (and is being) provided to all participants and general members of the public on how to deal with an epileptic seizure.

  2. mmmayssaaa says:

    yes ive met several and i had a really close friend when i was 13 who was epileptic. ive also witnessed 3 epileptic seizures, two by children and one by an adult. i imagine most epilepsy cases in lebanon go undiagnosed. i dont even know the arabic word for epilepsy.

  3. mmmayssaaa says:

    remain calm, start timing it, move away any obstacles in the room that may hurt the person, do not try to stop the person from shaking, comfort them verbally. it should be over in 2 minutes at most. if not, u need to call an ambulance. then afterwards the person is literally exhausted and needs to sleep straight away.

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