This post is NOT to promote “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”.

I watched the first two parts of “Harry Potter” at a young age but was never really a fan. I didn’t even keep up with the events of the parts that followed. When Nour K asked me to go to the movies with her to watch “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”, I didn’t have great expectations. I said to myself  that I could see Nour, especially that it’s about 20 mins ride to Las Salinas movie theater.We haven’t met since late September except for the time she gave her 10th speech at Toastmasters so I went for it.

When the movie began, I was about to regret coming after missing all the details from the previous parts but after a while, I was so attached to the events that all my senses were alert. It’s not a horror movie but I caught a fright or two. When Harry took off his clothes to dive into the frozen pond to get the sword I shivered with every limb from cold. But what I really truly liked is the story of the three brother sorcerers that Hermione told. I don’t have the book to quote it so I’ll tell it my way.

“Once upon a time there were 3 brothers who went together on a journey. They reached a place where they had to cross a river to go to the other side. They used their powers to form a bridge that paved the way to the other side of the river. Death got really mad because it was destined that everyone must drown so that Death would take their soul. He decided to grant them each a wish.

The older wizard asked for the most powerful wand on earth, the second asked for a Resurrection Stone that would bring dead people back to life & the youngest, a very humble person, asked for a material that would make him invisible even to Death. So Death gives him a part of his cloak.

The three brothers separate after crossing the bridge. The eldest becomes the most powerful wizard in the world, he won all the fights and became invincible. Once, while asleep, another wizard steals his wand and uses it against him so he kills him and death takes his soul. The second brother used the Resurrection Stone to bring back his love who died before they got married. Although brought back to life, she couldn’t adapt with the real world coming from a different one so she dies once again. The second brother commits suicide & death takes his soul, too. Death kept searching for the youngest brother for many many years but He was never able to find him. When the youngest brother became really old, he took off his cloak of invisibility and gives it to his son. Death then finds him & takes his soul.”

The Hallows are revealed to be three sacred objects: the Resurrection Stone, a stone with the power to recall the dead to the world of the living; the Elder Wand, an unbeatable wand; and an infallible Invisibility Cloak. This symbol was shown many times during the movie.

The graphics used to illustrate the story of the 3 brothers were excellent, it felt like another movie in a movie. I didn’t feel the time (2 and 1/2 hours) & was disappointed when the movie ended. It seemed that there’s another part for part 7 & it’ll be in the movies in July!


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One Response to This post is NOT to promote “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”.

  1. Nour K says:

    3anjad it was a-mazing!!! 🙂

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