Biking 101

I was going through my mobile photos today to find those 3 photos:

I checked the date, it read 9-5-2010. I can’t believe it’s been that long! That day at 10 am, my first biking lesson had just begun. I am a forever thankful for Nour K for making it happen. I remember her calling me the day before: ymn.. Tomorrow be ready at 9:45, meet me at the missed call.

And so we went. We rented two bikes from the guy that displays them around the cannon in “Corniche El Mina”.

-“Is it your first time?” Ammo the owner asked.

-“Yes” I replied shyly.

-“OK, then.. Try this one”. He changed my bike because he thought the one I picked is too advanced for a beginner.I chose it because it was one of the very few than are not rusty. He gave me some instructions w left. Nour also told me not to look at my feet and look straight ahead. Only fear will make you fall. After a few rounds.. I made it!

I thought it would be much more difficult than it really was. All ppl my age learnt to bike at the age of 4. I remember I had a bike with two tiny wheels to prevent any fall. After that period I stopped biking, I’m not even sure why. when everyone laughed their heads off at “Friends” episode where Phoebe shared the same story of mine, I sympathized with her. I even cried when they got her a bike as a present…

I went with Nour for another round of practice another day. I even raced with her along the corniche & it felt great! I just haven’t been on the road where non bikers are around. I always get the facebook invitation of the event “بالأسكلة عالبسكلة” and many ppl I know attend but I always find excuses not to join them. I fear I might crash into one of them and make a scandalous scene of myself.

There’s a tour by bike this Monday. They called it the independence day bike ride. Do you think I should join?

If you’re wondering about the three photos, I tell you that a ladybug accompanied us in the first biking lesson. Nour held it and I took the photos 🙂


About Ymn

انا المرأة الزوبعة فقل للنخيل يطأطئ حتى أمرّ
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4 Responses to Biking 101

  1. mmmayssaaa says:

    i got my first bike when i was about 3 but my boy cousin who was jealous broke it. i was so upset. 1st bad experience with a bike. then when i was 9 i got this beautiful hot pink mountain bike for my birthday from kholo and gosh how i loved it! then one day i was turning a sharp corner and slid and fell and the front edge of the saddle went into my upper thigh and i was bruised and battered and sore for weeks. 2nd bad experience with a bike. then when i was 17 i bought a bike for myself and rode to school and back everyday. one day i went to buy a chocolate milk and found my bike had disappeared. 3rd bad experience with bikes. now? ive asked for a bike for my next birthday. why? after 3 bad experiences of falling, theft and treachery? easy. u fall. u get back up. u hurt. u get back up. someone harms u. u get back up. i say go, whats there to lose?

  2. mmmayssaaa says:

    btw, ana 3am oul leish hal sabee3 manon mfashekleen 😛

  3. Nour K says:

    so, did you go? 🙂

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