The Connex adventures never seem to end! The latest was this Friday.
We caught the 7:30 bus the last minute before it took off, that’s why sitting at the back was inevitable. Unfortunately I had to sit on the seat over the wheel & it’s very annoying for a 1 and a half hour ride to Beirut.

33 was my seat number & Nour sat next to me. She was prepared 4 the long road with her ear phones connected to her mobile. She always does that & I always fall asleep beside her. However, it was almost impossible this time to sleep with all the shaking of my seat, the vibrating mode that can easily make me throw up. I decided to listen 2 whatever she’s listening 2 as a kind of distraction & to my surprise she had a song I really liked so I asked her to send it via Bluetooth.

When I put Bluetooth reception on, and while receiving the ring tone, I got a request to receive data from Robespierre. I don’t know why I freaked out at the beginning. I thought someone might send me a virus or sth so I rejected it. But it looks like “Lady Bug” is a very attractive nickname because I received data once again. Why not? Said Nour, it’s not a virus I’m sure, she added. I was quite curious myself 2 discover what the mysterious sender wanted.

-“Good morning Lady Bug :)”

-“Good morning :)”

-“kifek? I’m still very sleepy..”

-“Who isn’t? Look around u, and the high quality of the bus favorizes the sleepy attitude”

-“hahaha! Yeah ur right. Which lady r u? There are lots of ladies in here.”

-“The one with a mobile phone :p”

-“R u the one getting off here? If yes, I know u.”

I turned to look who he thinks I am & she turned out 2 be a hot blonde with ray ban sunglasses.

-“Nope. Sorry 2 disappoint u, that’s not me”

-“R u going 2 university or sth?”

Then sth went wrong & whenever I tried 2 send a reply, it gets rejected. But still, I didn’t turn my Bluetooth reception off. Instead, I was trying 2 guess who Robespierre was. It was a bit hard cuz almost everyone on the bus were busy with their mobiles. However, there was this really cool guy with black shiny hair and black shades, fair skin & hairy arms, wearing a black T-shirt with grey jeans, sitting in front of me, holding his mobile with his right hand under his seat, pretending 2 be uncaring or perhaps it was his way not 2 get caught if “Lady Bug” was trying 2 guess who he was.

He sends me again:” Lady Bug da3et bl 3aj2a.”

-“Not really, I’m trying 2 send u but u keep rejecting”

-“NO I’M NOT! But it seems ur sitting a bit far & the Bluetooth connexion is bad.”

I wanted 2 send a reply but I saw him standing up heading 4 the front 2 get off, then I received from him once more:” I’m getting off @ the Gemayze gate.”

And so he left, Robespierre. I wonder why he seemed so desperate. He was cool actually not a wanna be. Perhaps he isn’t really desperate, but bored. It’s true, for the first time the way to Beirut didn’t feel as far as it really is. Funny enough, he didn’t look behind him at any moment looking for Lady Bug, or did he?


About Ymn

انا المرأة الزوبعة فقل للنخيل يطأطئ حتى أمرّ
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3 Responses to Robespierre

  1. M says:

    i dont think he seemed desperate at all. its just an interesting choice of activity to do on a bus. what happened to good old fashioned reading?

  2. Nour says:

    wow! 😀

  3. Ymn says:

    M, the only books read in buses these days are university courses. Except for Farah maybe, (she always reads on the bus)Nour! 3an jad Wow 😀

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