An afternoon to remember..

Farah, Nour & I went in the afternoon to have some “Bal7a” ice cream in the attempts of cooling our easily irritated nerves due to the extremely hot weather. The hot summer breezes carried the smell of ppl’s sweat mixed with that of fish that seemed to be boiling in the water rather than swimming in it.


When we arrived at “Bal7a”, it was so crowded that we had to stand in line to pay! Of course a Lebanese line meant a group of ppl stumbling in front of the cashier. I had no will nor wish to push ppl in front of me; I avoided a fatal combo of body odors. I have never seen that many number of ppl in the same place since I went to get my uni results in 2003. It is high season for ice cream… upstairs was even more crowded. I thought they reached the sky with the foggy ambiance of “m3assal”! Clouds of sticky air and everyone breathed everyone else’s breaths. Kids from all sizes and shapes were “running between the legs”. A boy was licking his sister’s cone while she was distracted with the many colors of ice cream in front of her. At the same time, his cone was melting on his dirty fingers. I was going to scan the eastern side of the shop when the cashier voice came to me angrily inquiring what my order will be.  We took the ice creams and went walking on “the corniche”.


I once received an email entitled “how do u know u live in Mina”, among the many things listed, they mentioned that “the corniche” is not for us, it’s for the “jalab”. I laughed back then. That afternoon, I smiled J it was a “jalab” festival! The 7amleh, ghazl l banet, animal shaped balloons, the termos, the corn boiled/grilled, the popcorn, apples on sticks & ka3ek (7 b 1000). On the sandy side of “the corniche”, parents & elderly ppl sat on plastic chairs blowing in their argilehs (onfo5 3alayha tanjali) while children spent their time on the asphalt riding bikes, skateboards, roller skates or just racing and bumping with the doomed ppl who miserably tried  jogging. Just next to “the corniche”, hundreds of cars parked on the side with “jgoulet zamenon” eyeing the passers by, pronouncing the lamest worn out pick up lines while also blowing m3assal! On the highway, cars with loud music that competed with that of parked ones, weaved in circles, you can also spot a cart and a horse giving tours as well as a sort of train with lamps that adds more color to that carnival..


This is the package of festivities u get if u ever try walking by the sea on weekends. It was actually no surprise; the scenes repeat themselves every week. In fact it doesn’t bother me at all. I like to think that ppl have an exit in a country that deprived them of every aspect of fun that became a luxury and very few could afford it. However, I witnessed something I haven’t seen before: a wedding! Yes… A wedding!


A wedding! With a bride wearing white and a groom proudly walking by her side. A zaffeh, multicolored evening gowns, and a cameraman following everyone and barking orders. For a while I thought we were invisible to them. My sisters and I were shocked but amused. I said to myself 7aram, poor ppl w they can’t afford a hall to rent…Then I thought, if they were really poor they couldn’t afford a zaffeh and a cameraman… I listened closely, I discovered the Palestinian accent…

I leave u to the photos…



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انا المرأة الزوبعة فقل للنخيل يطأطئ حتى أمرّ
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3 Responses to An afternoon to remember..

  1. Queen says:

    kids between the legs HAHAHA…as for that boy…never noticed him!!!it was a happy afternoon..not only for us obviously!!

  2. M says:

    wow u took me back 10 years in time. everything still sounds the same as when i was there. i\’ll tell u a different side of the same story though…marra in winter, on a tuesday night, my mum and i visited my aunty yalle kinti twavila bye mnil autocar…w keno baneta te3beneen mnil dares w hiye ma tay2a 7ala w ne7na, ana wl mama kamen ma tay2een 7alna lol so mum said 23edo bhal siyara w masho nrou7 3al mina. so we squashed ourselved into my mums green opel along with benten il jiran who were like family. w 23adna nghani w nza2ef w ne3ml jaww la 7alna lol on the way. mum took us to the mina to the \’corniche\’ w ma ken fi domari! la biye3een ka3ek wala biye3een balonet wala shi bil marra except the biye3 7boub near the start so we bought kebeyet 7boub each and kalnehon bil sayara w rje3na 3al beit 🙂

  3. Ymn says:

    Ah yeb2a jebtou 7boub mn 3and zaki za3bolla Agha! Eh maysahal 3aj2a kella on weekends o n week days it\’s a desert!Farah 😛

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