Invisible rain

It’s raining in my heart without any specific reason…

Listen to the gentle song that only cries for your eyes.

It’s discrete; it is soft, as light as a summer breeze.

This song wounds my heart for the last time to leave the unhealing scar…the star of blood, slowly snowing,

It’s getting cold…the voices die, words, sentences in vain…it’s dying for the humble hidden desire…

My heart is no longer what you seek…

Go, pave your way, and don’t worry sing! And why not? Be happy!

Kick out that dream that makes you cry…

The sun is still shining, walk towards it with your vivid spirit, and teach it the words that I adore,

To spread with every sun beam, a piece of my broken heart…

About Ymn

انا المرأة الزوبعة فقل للنخيل يطأطئ حتى أمرّ
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3 Responses to Invisible rain

  1. M says:

    kel hayda w menno \’specific reason\’?

  2. Ymn says:

    :)))) hayda mnl old archive one of the many unpublished ashye2

  3. Queen says:

    7ojeh ba2a!!!

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