Shi Joli

I won! I’ve never won anything before! I won a dinner @ Chopstics!

It was my first time to try Chinese food & I’m sure it’ll be the last. Although I asked 2 friends about it, one said that it’s all good but looked disgusting, while the other advised me to stick to the beef dishes not the chicken. It appeared that:”Yalli bidou2 bya3ref” Yuckkkkkk, it’s like the cooking of someone who doesn’t know how to cook! That’s not the only surprise at yesterday’s dinner.


At the gate of the restaurant, a young good looking lady greeted us and welcomed us inside. I know her. I know her parents, her cousins, and every single detail about her. She knows me too.  She acted like she didn’t. I said to myself, perhaps she is embarrassed by what she’s doing for a living, although it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Plus we’re in Tripoli, the big village… where everyone knows everyone, it’s not like I’m going to start the gossiping! I abided by the rules she put, and ignored her, too. But I noticed from time to time that she was eyeing me and when I paid attention, she would turn her face away.


We sat on a round table; I’d say the best in the restaurant. Everyone could see everyone and have a chat with whoever they wanted. Usually at any restaurant, u only get the chance to talk to the ppl next to u, so the round table was a good choice. For extra safety, I secured the two chairs on my sides, and sat between the two “Kabbaras”.  While we waited for the orders to come, a fellow toastmaster suggested that we play a game and say something about the people next to us. I suggested we make it as a riddle, like saying some information about someone on that table and the others should guess. It was a nice game, and it showed that we knew each other too well. I liked the part when one of the “kabbaras” talked about me. I know that in these games u have to say something nice about the person ur telling about, but u can tell when someone means what they’re saying. It was genuine, she didn’t add any spices to the description like saying I was “maliket jamel l3alam”, but the words she said touched my heart. Of course everyone knew who she was talking about when she made the “Lady Bug” approach J but she kept everyone wondering before that.


Then the dinner came. I mostly enjoyed the section of the table that goes round and turns in all directions, to pass the salt, the sauces, etc.. Some of the dishes almost spilled. We passed everything, cameras, bags, and envelopes whatever… I didn’t know how to use the sticks; the flowers in the middle of the table were very useful because they hid my awkward trial from “Mrs. Etiquette”. My friend the salt was added to everything. I also learned the difference between tissues and napkin.


We also wanted to surprise Maya & Jana for their birthdays and I knew all about it before. When the cake came and after we sang the Happy Birthday song in many languages, I told them I’ll read what’s written on the cake since I’m the opening officer; and I read:” Happy Birthday Maya & Jana and congratulations Yimin”! In spite of the wrong spelling of my name, I was really moved by the act! I mean I knew all about the dinner because the prize was declared at the beginning of the membership campaign, but the cake thing was really a surprise, and what a delicious cake it was!


Cinderella went home before 12:00, but she never met her prince. She knew he wasn’t there, but the idea of him was haunting her all the evening long. She discovered that night that she really misses the idea of a person who can be anonymous to everyone including herself. But can we miss what we never had? Perhaps it’s called longing, or loneliness. Who cares? Whatever it was it felt like hidden tears and the bitterness of a question that has no answer…


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انا المرأة الزوبعة فقل للنخيل يطأطئ حتى أمرّ
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3 Responses to Shi Joli

  1. M says:

    why do we always like to add a bitter aftertaste to everything sweet?ur evening sounded like heaps of fun. i wish i was there. that miss etiquette is the evil stepsister lol.

  2. Nour says:

    Ymn, I just read this entry, it’s very touching. Its also quite interesting how each person could have a million thoughts running through his/her head that nobody else could ever know unless you state them, just like you did here…You’re truly an amazing person and I’m a better person to have met you! Hugs and Kisses 🙂 – “One of the Kabbaras”

  3. Ymn says:

    Mayssa, c\’est la vie! The evenivg was super, the bitterness attacked me when I arrived home not back then. I guess I do it with words because I don\’t like "Nakad" in real life.Mrs Etiquette and evil step sister!!! hahahahahhahah u have no idea!!!!Nour! Ur presence gave the evening an original flavor!Ur a keeper, u told me this before, and everyday that goes by I realize how true it is 🙂

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