10 years later….

I’ve always considered ” La Maison du Café” a place where the funniest incidents can occur.Today it felt so gloomy it was almost going to rain from the ambiance I was in.
I was asked to organize an event, a gathering for the girls of Rawda 99, and I did.The girls that I liked, the ones I’m still in contact with refused to come..Each and everyone of them gave me a reason a 10 year old child won’t buy. They didn’t want to be with the girls that we last  had contact with 10 years ago.I was stuck in this meeting, but I forced one of them to come. I didn’t want to be there alone and I also didn’t want to ditch the meeting because I wanted them to know that they can’t intimidate me like they used to back in the old days. I was a nobody in the school days, everyone wanted to be around me for the only reason that is I’m a good listener. The gang of the popular girls would come to me and start gossiping on the others, the ones they’re supposed to be best friends with. I never defended any party, they simply talked because they felt it was a major ingredient of making them important and also because they would get even when someone would gossip back. I couldn’t care less. I just wanted to stay safe. And this feeling grew with me, I discovered that just today, I still don’t feel comfortable around them.
I thought 10 years would change ppl, like I did. I’m proud of the improvement I made of myself. From being a nobody to being heard whenever I speak. But this afternoon I discovered that some ppl are like stone, they never change. Maybe I haven’t changed much either, considering the fact that I still felt uncomfortable with them. Maybe the changes I made about myself or what life has made of me are only visible to me, but then again, no… I knew exactly what happened. They wanted to maintain the image they used to have although it’s a bit shaky now, while I wanted to display the new version of me. I met Ms.”I’m rich and I got richer because I married a richer guy”, Ms. “I brought my fiancee with me and he’s sitting on the table behind me smsing me evey two minutes because he can’t be away from me”, Ms. ” I’m too good to live in this shitty country and I’m here on vacation that I can’t wait to go back to UAE”, Ms.” I had my eyes lazeced and got rid of the thick glasses I used to wear, lost the unibrow, lost 1/2 of my weight and look how pretty I am”….And there was me, just Ms.”ymn” with Ms.”Ymn forced me to come” that didn’t belong.
It’s not about the places you go to, it’s about the people u go with, every time u go somewhere, u make new memories…


About Ymn

انا المرأة الزوبعة فقل للنخيل يطأطئ حتى أمرّ
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3 Responses to 10 years later….

  1. M says:

    to be honest, if I were in your shoes (I wish!) I wouldn\’t have chosen manzel il qahwa as a venue. I would\’ve picked the Bal7a or something like that where the atmosphere doesn\’t encourage showoffs, where if I wasn\’t enjoying the company I could esra7, where I\’d know that ppl like ms so-and-do wouldnt come unless they really wanted to see me.keep in mind that show-offs are not like stone, theyre like eggs, they just have a very weak nucleus that theyre trying to protect. Look at all those faces…they cant all be that bad, no matter how msansneen they were.

  2. Ymn says:

    🙂 No taysouni not all of them akeed…Sara7atan ana nza3ajet mn nafsi li2anni nza3ajet.ma ken lezem. I wouldn\’t take them to bal7a either. I have sweet memories with u mabadi e5reb hal place too.bas fhemet 3layki aslan there won\’t be next time beshghol 7ali b 100000 shaghle a7san mn hal iz3aj. I like ur teshbih though mou3abber fe3lan 3annon…

  3. mmmayssaaa says:

    shu hal wisdom bi my previous comment?:P feja2et 7oli ya miss
    btw i think if i knew u existed when we were together in school i wouldve loved u even then and probably bashed the bitches up if i knew they existed too but as u know i only knew about the existence of one other girl and that was nesrine lol.

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